Howdy all my wonderful Big Bang fans. 🙂 Tonight a purchase will cause utter chaos for Sheldon, and Howard is going to get a proposal he can not refuse.

****Spoilers Below****

So, the episode starts with all the gang (except Penny) eating dinner as usual, and Raj is being super adorable. Penny comes in late from another audition, and is left to sit on the floor. This is the moment when she brings up getting a dining room table so that they can all eat together in chairs (haha). As you can expect Sheldon is more than unhappy about this. As we all know Sheldon is obsessive with where all the furniture is in the first place. He tells her in a very plain voice that it would never happen… I mean we all know it will cause utter chaos right?

Now that Leonard seems to be serious, Sheldon gets to work trying to use his sweet persuasive self to stop him from even putting furniture in storage.  As a hippie hugs a tree,  Sheldon starts to use furniture he has not used for years… I do not think this is going to end well for him!

At Ikea, Leonard and Penny pick out a table and I realize this is really happening!!! Once home, Sheldon gives it the once over. He isn’t pleased. When Penny asks him to sit, he adorably tries to sit, but his butt will not reach the seat. Oh Sheldon, time to try to use the old roommate agreement.

Sheldon thinks all of this table business is because of Penny. When Sheldon starts to blame Penny for messing up Leonard with her “fancy genitals,”  he realizes having a girlfriend himself has made him too soft and more open. We can’t have that! Time to go take care of this relationship.

(here comes the best knock ever) Amy… Amy… Amy… Penny warned her, so this girl is ready for Sheldon’s breakup agreement.  She is so fun, I’m really starting to love this girl! Her power of manipulation may have just been enough to truly outsmart Sheldon, go girl. He is now focused back on the table, and it being hideous. 😉 Back at the house, Leonard brings up a great point about change, and Sheldon lets it go. As for Amy, she got a little too confident in her manipulation skills… which may have contributed to Sheldon’s acceptance of their table.

Meanwhile, while Raj and Wolowitz enjoyed some “girl time,” he gets a call from Nasa. OMG, they want him back for another round in space. Raj says how much he will miss Howard… how is his wife going to feel? Howard greets Bernadette to let her know the good news (with wine of course) and she is surprised and not so enthusiastic.

Bernadette talks with Raj, and then sits Howard down in an “intervention” fashion. She tries to make him remember how much he hated it up there the first time. Even her dad comes to remind him… and they remind him of every little thing that made him miserable everyday in space. He is angry at first… but the truth is, that Wolowitz is scared. He made sure the doctor found something wrong with him, so he could have a proper excuse to not go again. All is well, and Howard is staying home because of high blood pressure; not because he is scared, wink wink. Bernadette is a good wife. Sometimes people do not remember things the way they really were. Howard is indeed a lucky guy.

Looks like everything is back to normal… except for everyone eating at the table but Sheldon and Amy. Looks like Sheldon wins again!!! Even with a table, the gang ends up back on the floor, together… forever.  As Sheldon said, “sometimes the baby wins.”

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