This week on “Under the Dome,” there is now a dust storm that is plaguing the town! But more on that later. We open up on the secret tunnel that Junior and Sam found at the end of the last episode. Junior decides to find out where it goes. (You know, if we lost Junior somewhere in that tunnel, I would be okay with it.) Sam follows Junior down and they track a set of footprints; possibly Lyle’s footprints? Junior still believes Lyle to be the killer of his beloved Angie. Meanwhile, in town, Barbie wants to search for Lyle himself and also question Sam about mysterious Melanie.

MelanieSpeaking of Melanie, she tells Julia she is upset after kissing Joe. She talks more about how she died, the magic egg, and how she doesn’t understand anything, and blah blah blah. Can we give the girl some other dialogue? Julia reveals to Melanie that she dropped the glowing magical egg in the lake because the Dome “wanted” her to.

Joe and Norrie, the young lovers, fight over the kiss Joe and Melanie shared earlier. Joe says he loves Norrie, but Norrie says she doesn’t love him. So, Joe decides to pack up and leave. It’s cringe worthy because of the bad acting.

Julia and Big Jim are also fighting. Julia wants to give the town the ability to vote on everything. Big Jim is against it. Big Jim is convinced the town is still half his. Big Jim complains to Barbie about Julia’s voting plan, but Barbie puts Big Jim in his place, saying he knows Big Jim threw him under the bus regarding the extermination plot. Ooh. The conversation ends because Rebecca radios to Barbie about the tunnel. Also, it is getting awfully dusty around town. Hm.

In the tunnel, Junior reveals his bloodthirsty, murdering nature to Sam. Barbie shows up suddenly behind them and starts to question Sam, but Junior discovers his mother’s journal lying on the ground. He rushes to get it. Explosion! Rocks fall. Sam pushes Barbie out of the way. He and Barbie get trapped! Barbie seems very injured, but alas, he is okay. Junior rushes to get help.

Big Jim, Julia, and Melanie arrive at the school as Junior explains what happened. Julia wants to save Barbie and Sam, but Big Jim is more concerned about the dust problem. Rebecca goes into science teacher mode, explaining that everyone in the Dome will suffocate unless they add water to the air somehow. Rebecca also wants a map to see if they can map out the tunnels under the town. Junior explains to all of them about the “Four Hands” and Lyle’s intentions. He and Melanie then rush to make sure Joe and Norrie are safe.

Melanie 2As Junior and Melanie drive through the dust storm, Melanie touches his face, saying Junior resembles a young Sam. She also tells him she thinks Lyle killed her. Big Jim tries to get the town to do something about the dust storm. He puts it to a vote, but they all vote against him. Womp, womp. At Big Jim’s house, Junior and Melanie continue to have a weird connection, but Norrie interrupts them. They all rush to find Joe.

In the tunnel, Barbie continues to question Sam about Lyle, Angie, Melanie, etc. Sam continues to evade each question. They end up going in opposite directions, but both end up at the same place – on the edge of a neverending cliff. Barbie decides this is the best time to bring up Angie’s death. Sam is taken aback, saying he was looking for Melanie, which then gets us into that whole story again. Barbie almost falls off the cliff, but Sam helps him up. They find a backpack…Lyle’s backpack? The edge of the cliff is surrounded by darkness.

Joe is alone staring at a wall of pictures/butterflies/Angie. He rages, tearing everything down. Junior, Melanie, and Norrie find him and tell him about Lyle, the Four Hands, etc. Melanie thinks they should go to the lake to get answers. Meanwhile, with the use of maps, Rebecca and Julia discover that there is no other way down into that tunnel. Julia throws in a great jab at Rebecca and her “expertise in all things science.” Yes. The two ladies determine they must blast the blockage.

As the dust storm rages, Ben (John Elvis), who we haven’t seen in a long time, appears, coughing and aghast. This gives Big Jim the incentive to start another vote. This time everyone agrees to do something. He and the townsfolk raise a windmill and the dust stops. Yay. Problem solved. But, of course, Big Jim is going to use this as leverage… Sure enough, later, Big Jim gets praised for his actions and doesn’t forget to mention Julia’s absence.

barbieIn the tunnel, Sam and Barbie talk about Julia and continue to debate about everything. Barbie asks about the night Melanie died and Sam tells his sob story: Melanie wanted to protect the egg, but it was hurting Pauline, so Lyle went after her, pushed Melanie, and killed her, and Sam helped cover it up. Interesting. Is it the truth?

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Julia prepare their blast. Julia asks how Rebecca ended up here. Rebecca says she came back to care for her sick father. Julia ended up here by accident, as well. Fate, perhaps? Rebecca tells Julia she trusts her. They call out for Barbie and Sam to steer clear of the blast zone.

Junior, Melanie, Joe, and Norrie hang out on the lake. Nothing happens. So, they put their hands together. Suddenly, pink glowing appears below. I guess the “Four Hands” are powerful when touching?

Back in the tunnel, Sam continues with his pity party, questioning how and why Melanie is back. All of this pain, he moans. Barbie reveals that he had killed many people in his past, too. Then he notices the scratches on Sam’s shoulder. Sam freaks out, jumping out of Barbie’s grasp. Barbie puts it all together, finding out that it is Sam, not Lyle, who killed Angie. Sam unveils his whole motivation, saying he had to and he is going to kill the other kids to bring the Dome down. Barbie draws his gun, telling Sam he isn’t going to touch those kids. Go Barbie! Barbie wants Sam to tell Junior what he did himself.

pinkstarsMeanwhile, Junior, Melanie, Joe, and Norrie are back at the house. Joe and Norrie apologize to each other and express their love for each other. All four gather round the egg and touch it. Pink stars appear. They form into the shape of the mysterious obelisk that Junior saw in his dream. Melanie reveals that it is in her hometown of Zenith, where Barbie is from.

Julia and Rebecca blast the rock wall blocking the tunnel. EXPLOSION. They rush in to find Barbie and Sam. Sam tells Barbie that after much pain and suffering and Julia’s death, Barbie would kill the “Four Hands” for freedom too. Then Sam jumps off the cliff, disappearing in darkness. WHAT? Julia rushes into Barbie’s arms. But Sam is gone. They stare into blackness.

That’s it for episode six. What did you guys think? Tell me below in the comments. What do you think is at the bottom of the cliff? Is Sam dead? Lyle? What does the obelisk mean? I hope this all ties together…soon! I feel like Dean Norris is getting the shaft when it comes to story lines. He hasn’t done anything of significance yet this season. Hope we get some more of him in the second half of the season.

Under the Dome airs Mondays @ 10/9c on CBS. Watch full episodes online at, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.

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