Good evening Bones fans! It has been awhile, but it was totally worth the wait, because tonight’s episode was really good. Bones’ past memories are haunting her, and there may be a serial killer out there still. Is Brennan just obsessed with a ghost? Will the team get on board with this nightmare she is chasing? We get two cases tonight and neither disappoint. Let’s go!

Tonight’s episode starts with Brennan receiving a package at her doorstep… it is the dug up body of a female that has been dead over 18 years. This comes after a night of horrible dreams with none other than Palent. Brennan has been having these horrible nightmares often again, and she is convinced there is a serial killer out there- like Palent once told her before he died. To make it more complicated, someone has dug up this woman so that Brennan can find out what really happened; and Temperance feels there may be connections between her dreams and this package.

At the lab, we are introduced to the victim, Lana Brewster. She was a professional and famous sailor who was found drowned in 1995. Whoever went to the trouble of digging her body up and bringing her directly to Bones obviously cares and believes this girl was murdered. Though it frightens everyone else, Temperance immediately goes to work. Sweets is the first to interview suspects, and we meet the victim’s brother, Dan. He is not a loving brother, nor did he seem to have anything brotherly to say about Lana. He only seemed bitter and jealous, and did not help much. It would be way too obvious if it was him… right?

The next person interviewed was a sailing mate named Erica. We find out that Lana ruined her career and future, and she has every reason to hate her. She is a good suspect; not only does she not care about the murder, she won’t cooperate. Although Lana has this enemy, it doesn’t feel like it could be her in reality. While talking about old times in the sailing circuit, Hodgins and Angela decide to question Lana’s old boyfriend at the time of her death. It turns out Hodgins used to be a part of the boating world and they were all old friends. This boyfriend is Trent Mcnamara. He is the perfect suspect. He had a history of violence, and moved far away right after Lana’s murder. Hodgins and Sweets go to see him, but Hodgins does not think he could have murdered Lana, or anyone for that matter.

Sadly, shortly after their meeting, Trent is found dead. He has a gun shot wound that appears to be suicide, but Hodgins and Bones insist that he too was murdered. During this entire investigation, Brennan has been obsessed with finding this serial killer Palent talked about. She has had six cold cases out, and is certain that Lana’s injuries were consistent with the other cases. She believes Trent was also killed by the same person and that it is a female. At first Camille and even Booth are really concerned about Temperance chasing this “ghost killer.” She can’t seem to focus on Lana’s murder, and the cold cases are re-assigned to Dr. Edison. However, Brennan never wavers and won’t give up. She finds that both Lana and Trent have very rare and identical injuries… and she just feels there is a connection.

Even without Camille on board, Brennan and Dr. Edison continue to work on both the cold cases and Lana’s murder. Another twist is added when the team finds out that Lana’s brother went to see Trent an hour before he was killed. They bring Dan Brewster in again, but there is really no concrete proof that he did anything. There’s also no absolute proof that Trent did not kill himself, even though Brennan found his left hand to be too weak to have pulled the trigger himself. We are left feeling that anything Brennan feels this strongly about has to be true. Booth finally gives her the support she needs when he tells her that he believes if she does at the end of the episode. So is there a female serial killer on the loose like Brennan believes? Who killed Lana? Was Trent murdered as well? It was left up in the air, with no conclusion. This episode was truly a great murder mystery, especially because we are left to speculate.

Tonight we learn a little more about Dr. Edison as well, who seemed to be living at the Smithsonian after a break up. Because he was assigned to help oversee the cold cases with Brennan, she and him got to know each other a little better. He is broken hearted and Temperance is there to listen, which I enjoyed. I always like when she shows her softer side. At the end of this episode all we really know is that Temperance believes there is a serial killer out there, and the gang is going to support her in finding out the truth.

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