The CW is the go-to channel for the most exciting and unique television shows and The Flash is absolutely one of those fantastic gems that fans will cling to.




Cate Cameron/The CW

Cate Cameron/The CW

Barry Allen is back and is ready to accept and embrace his new powers of incomparable speed. Turns out he has been secretly working with Cisco to use his powers to rescue people; something that Caitlin is less than thrilled with, as she is more concerned with finding out what Barry is truly capable of. And like most superheroes, Barry is finding it hard to maintain his double identity.

We get a glimpse of Barry’s past and the developing father-son relationship between him and Detective Joe West. However, Barry fights Joe’s attempt at parenting because he believes his father is innocent and Joe does not, a fact that has kept them at arm’s length for years.

In a truly shocking turn of events, it turns out the “men” who robbed the participants at the Man of the Year event was actually just one man with one goal…kill the Man of the Year. This criminal, Danton Black, is yet another victim of the same explosion that gave Barry his remarkable speed. So, when Detective West and his partner, Eddie go to speak with Man of the Year, Mr. Simon Stagg, Danton shows up, split in three, and opens fire. Barry is forced to come in and save his adoptive father and try to stop Danton from killing Stagg.

Diyah Pera/The CW

Diyah Pera/The CW

Meanwhile at the police station, Harrison Wells goes to visit Detective West to discuss Barry and the protection of Central City. He believes that Detective West’s doubt in Barry is what has caused him to continuously doubt himself and not use his full potential. At Star Labs, Caitlin has grown her own Danton Black to find out how he is able to replicate himself. Turns out his clones are just shells and if Barry can shut down the real Danton Black, the clones will fall as well, which is exactly what Barry does…per the order of Detective West who finally starts to believe in his surrogate son. But there’s one slight problem, Iris has begun to investigate Barry without even realizing it.

But that Harrison Wells what is up with him? Is he good? Is he bad? What is going on there?

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