Is Angie dead or alive? After last week’s shocking ending, I am dying to find out, excuse the pun. The creepy girl (does she have a name yet?) runs away from Angie in the dark. Do I see a butterfly? Hmmm. Meanwhile, Barbie and Julia happily are reunited in bed, but are interrupted by thousands of monarch butterflies fluttering up against the window. That’s a bit odd, yes? Norrie and Joe are staying at Big Jim’s house. They are put off by nice and caring Big Jim, who cooks them breakfast. He wants to know more about the Dome now. He is a believer.

Big Jim gets a call on his radio and goes to wake Junior, who is sleeping in a darkened cell and is still mad at his father. Big Jim tells him to open the school for science teacher Rebecca to start teaching classes. Junior reluctantly goes to the school, where more butterflies flutter away, some with blood on them! Junior sees a body covered in butterflies ahead. It’s Angie! Dead!

Over in the cafe, an older woman praises Big Jim for saving the town and basically treats him as her savior. Big Jim is a bit off put by the praise, but I know he’ll soon latch on to this power. When Barbie and Julia enter, Big Jim is super nice to them and almost apologizes. It is odd for everyone. Science teacher Rebecca enters the cafe and tells Big Jim about her concerns. The butterflies are laying eggs at an excessive rate, leading to caterpillars who are eating all of their crops. Soon, the caterpillars will leave the humans will no resources. However, this is all interrupted by a dazed and bloodied Junior, who announces Angie is dead!

junior big jim 2At the school, Big Jim, Barbie, Phil, and Junior inspect the crime scene and Angie’s body. Both Barbie and Big Jim confirm that they don’t suspect the other. Phil finds a bloodied footprint that belongs to a girl. Big Jim tries to “comfort” Junior, but it turns into an accusation, which makes Junior mad, accusing his father of murdering Angie. He runs away, saying he is going to make Big Jim suffer. Oh, crazy, crazy Junior. Meanwhile, unaware of his sister’s death, Joe and Norrie trek through the woods. They kiss and tons of dead butterflies fall from the sky. Okay, that’s not normal. And then they find creepy girl passed out in the woods!

All three trek back to town, where in slow motion, Joe watches as Barbie exits the school and gives the bad news. Joe says someone sensed she was killed and promises revenge on her killer. Barbie and the creepy girl exchange a look. Later, Julia and Barbie discuss all the deaths and promise to protect each other. Julia explains her connection to the creepy girl, as Barbie admits he feels like he’s seen her before. Julia postulates they might think she killed Angie because of the footprint. He cries out though because black smoke rises in the distance. Is it the Smoke Monster from Lost?!

No, it’s just “scientist” Rebecca, burning a field to the ground. Barbie and Big Jim confront her and she explains she did it to stop the caterpillars from eating everything. Big Jim thinks this is a test, the first of many. He says the Dome wants him to prove himself. He has a plan. Barbie thinks he just has a hero complex. Meanwhile, Joe is angry and looking for revenge. He yells at Norrie, who is just trying to comfort him. She reveals that the police found a bloody footprint of a girl. Julia questions the creepy girl about Angie. Creepy girl admits she was there and heard Angie scream, but it wasn’t her. She was afraid of “him,” but she doesn’t reveal who “him” is. She says she was drawn to the school, but she doesn’t know why. Hmm.

Julia goes to visit Sam Verdreaux. She tells him they found the girl and about Angie’s death. He reveals he is Big Jim’s brother-in-law, which shocks and upsets Julia. He shows Julia a picture his supposedly dead sister drew 20 years ago: it’s a picture of the creepy girl! What does this mean?

big Jim 2Big Jim reveals a crop dusting mini-plane to Barbie and Rebecca. He thinks this will fix the problem, but Barbie and Big Jim both fight over who should pilot the plane. Barbie asks Rebecca to help him. As Rebecca distracts Big Jim, Barbie takes off in the small plane before anyone can argue. Meanwhile, Julia and Sam go to the morgue where they find a creepy Junior holding onto Angie’s dead, cold hand. Sam asks to talk to Junior alone. Junior reveals he was super drunk last night and having a hard time coping. Sam says he was like that after his sister died. Junior asks Sam if he ever sees her in his dreams, because he did yesterday. Junior remains convinced his father killed Angie.

Joe and Norrie decide to give Phil the shoe of the creepy girl. They want to see if it’s a match. Meanwhile, back in the field, Barbie is playing it fast and loose with the plane. He skirts very close to the Dome edge, hitting his wing and damaging his plane. He loses gas fast, but thanks to a secret from Big Jim about a secondary gas tank, Barbie manages to land the plane safely after ending the caterpillar crisis. Barbie is grateful to Big Jim, but Rebecca gives him a dirty look. Big Jim is all about his new life.

barb 2Phil arrests the creepy girl after her shoe proved to be a match. Julia fights him, revealing she knew creepy girl was at the school. Julia promises to get creepy girl out. Meanwhile, our regular “Scooby gang” come upon Junior searching his house for something to implicate his father. Joe and Norrie reveal to Junior that it was creepy girl who killed Angie – even though they have no proof at all! Quick to assumptions, these kids. Junior, of course, wants to kill her.

Sam and Julia inspect Angie’s body again, finding a man’s handprint on her arm. It wasn’t creepy girl (well, duh!). They rush to the station just as Junior, Joe, and Norrie arrive with a gun. Junior points the gun at creepy girl, but surprisingly can’t find it in him to shoot her, so Joe takes up the gun. Julia and Sam arrive and tell Joe the truth, urging him to put down the gun. He does. How dumb can one be?

Later, Barbie and Julia fight over many things including Sam, Rebecca, Big Jim, and creepy girl. Julia is worried because she feels like she is losing Barbie’s trust. This is literally after two conversations. Calm down, Julia. Barbie seems a little jealous of Sam though. Love triangle brewing?

Angie’s funeral is being presided over by Big Jim, which seems wrong, seeing as she hated him. Rebecca arrives, lamenting about Barbie being the hero today, when really Big Jim saved him. She wants Big Jim to stand up and be the leader. Joe is missing from the funeral, so Barbie goes to find him. He is searching through the cafe for Angie’s favorite bracelet. Joe is full of regret and questions, but Barbie promises they will find who did this.

He brings Joe to the funeral as Big Jim gives a great speech about losses and life. The townsfolk praise him in an almost worshipful, cult-like way. Julia notices it and is weirded out by the creepiness. After the funeral, Rebecca tells Big Jim everything is bittersweet, because the real problem isn’t the caterpillars, it’s the humans. There are too many people and too few resources. Things are only gonna get worse.

junior 2Drunk and crazy Junior skipped out on the funeral. He lies in his jail cell bed only to find Angie’s bracelet under it. He freaks out and goes to Sam’s cabin, crying to Sam that he thinks he killed Angie! Let me tell you, I wouldn’t be surprised.

And that’s it for this episode. Things are moving along nicely… er, terribly for these residents of Chester’s Mill. I can’t believe Angie is actually dead. What is going to happen next? Post below your questions, comments, concerns.

Under the Dome airs Monday @ 10/9c on CBS. Watch full episodes online at, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.

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