agents-of-shield-abcA woman is causing accidents, and doesn’t know why. Has she developed powers, has God abandoned her as she puts it, or is it something else? This week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode, “Repairs,” is about making a serious mistake and trying to deal with it.

The center of the story is Hannah Hutchins (Laura Seay), who worked at a particle accelerator center in Utah. A recent accident killed four people, and some people are blaming her. Not only that, items start attacking people who are mean to her, and police cars crash into fences on their own. Did the accident make her a dangerous telekinetic?

Skye insists she tries to get Hannah to relax, but Agent May prefers knocking Hannah out with the Night-Night Gun, then putting her inRepairs A SHIELD “the Cage.” May’s response rubs Skye the wrong way for much of the episode. By the way, Ward and May planned their arrival to the Bus so that no one knows they spent the night together. They will have to talk about their night eventually.

Hannah thinks God has abandoned her after the accident, but it’s really due to Tobias (Robert Baker), a technician who somehow got caught between two universes in the accident. What’s more strange is how this happened. He loosened some bolts on the accelerator so that he’d report the problem to Hannah to get her attention. He loosened one too many bolts, and he’s suddenly someone who can appear from anywhere. Ironically, he thinks he’s protecting Hannah, even when he forces the Bus to crash, knocks out its electronics and attacks the crew. It’s almost spooky how much of a menace Tobias becomes.

Skye does have a heart-to-heart with Hannah, reassuring her that God is not punishing her for the accident. Skye was also able to identify Tobias and his real motives. She’s proving to be a worthy S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, this time without computers.

Repairs B SHIELDIt’s also revealed why May is called “the Cavalry.” Coulson says she tried to rescue some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and a civilian girl trapped in a building in Bahrain. She “crossed off the enemy force” and lost herself, as he puts it. He says May used to be warmer, almost like Skye, before that mission. He’s hoping that piece of May can come back.

Meanwhile, May decides to get Hannah out of the Bus, and towards a barn to force Tobias out. After they both fight, Tobias does protect her from a falling beam. He admits to his accident, and fears what will happen to him. May tells him to let go of Hannah, and he does. He takes the advice that Coulson gave her after that mission in Bahrain.

Hopefully this will lead to May and Skye learning from each other. May doesn’t seem to be willing… until there’s a sudden rash of pranks against the crew, and the last shot is on her. She’ll still have to make some decisions about Agent Ward, though, and Skye might be part of that.

By the way, this was written my Maurissa Tanchareon Whedon and Jed Whedon, their first since “The Asset.” There’s one more new episode for 2013, and that’s coming in two weeks. It will feature some familiar faces including J. August Richards as Mike Peterson and another person with a certain kind of dress.


Ratings report: Thanks to NCIS taking the week off for Thanksgiving, “Repairs” scored a 2.5, attracting more than nine million viewers. It’s the second week in a row ratings went up.

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