Tell me that did not just happen! This season hasn’t been as jaw dropping as past seasons but this episode left me with my jaw hanging on the floor.


Promised Land

I am not even sure where to begin with this one. The other side continues to unravel and although Marcos took Stefan and Elena, Julian’s wife, Maria, saved them just before they were drained of all their blood. Once free the Doppelgangers took off for safety while Damon tried to come up with a plan to stop the Travelers’ spell from taking its affect. The brilliant plan, capture Marcos’ travelers real bodies and threaten to torch them.

Meanwhile Enzo is determined to be brought back to life and is following Bonnie around because he, like everyone else, believes she and Liv are working on a spell to bring back everyone from the other side. Sadly, they soon learn the truth, there is no spell and those on the other side are in danger of being sucked into a dark abyss.


Damon has lured Marcos to the Salvatore home and shows him all of his Travelers, thinking it is the perfect leverage however, the scary formerly dead Traveler shows Damon that he could care less about the Travelers. With Julian, kind of still Tyler, sitting in the basement, Damon lets the Traveler hybrid free and he attacks Marcos with the element of surprise. As it turns out it was a failed attempt at a plan.

Back in Mystic Falls finally, Liv and her brother meet Elena and Stefan and they try to put a stop to the spell by killing the Doppelgängers however, the spell has already begun and their witch magic is no longer working. Matt tries to get his friends out of the spell’s range for as long as he can, but it is catching up to them quickly. But, we are giving a brief moment of happiness as Damon and Elena embrace in a passionate kiss, as they both know it could very well be their last.

Bonnie works with Enzo to devise a plan to bring their friends back from the other side with the help of Maria, the now dead Traveler. However, as Enzo is about to unleash the brilliant plan, the crumbling other side whips Maria to the abyss and the plan is foiled. Worst part is Julian has come across Caroline and Stefan who is short one Traveler, Julian’s wife.


As most revenge plots go, Julian believes that Stefan is to blame for Maria’s death and in one final showdown Julian/Tyler rips Stefan’s heart out of his chest and the world of Vampire Diaries fans are left floored.

Did that seriously just happen? Did Stefan really just die? I know I speak for the whole of the Vampire Diaries fandom when I say…they had better bring him back!

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