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***SPOILERS Below***

The second episode of the final season of Warehouse 13 continued almost exactly where the previous episode left off. Artie finally agrees to tell Claudia about her sister, Claire, and that the case of her parents’ death was actually a Warehouse investigation. As it’s a case that Artie was involved in, he knows a little about what happened, but not enough even with the help of the baby booties artifact that was used in a previous episode. Eventually, Artie, Jinks, and Claudia agree that Claudia and Jinks can use the artifact to search Claire’s memories of what happened while Artie watches over them. When that happens, we see the gruesome and horrifying way in which Claire became possessed by an artifact (Frances Farmer’s music box) and how it affected her life, including what happened to her parents. Unfortunately, it’s also learned that because Claire destroyed the music box, its powers cannot be neutralized.

I found the memory scenes really interesting because we saw a young Claudia knowing instinctively that the artifact Claire found was bad and consistently warning her about it. It makes me wonder about how sentient the Warehouse actually is and how long it has been grooming Claudia to be the next caretaker of it. I’m sure that it’s something that will be important to the rest of the season.

Meanwhile, Pete and Myka are in Washington, D.C. because a lobbyist dies from drowning while being nowhere near water at a health club. It turns out the lobbyist was a proponent of hydrofracking, so the duo assume an environmental group might be responsible. That thought process continues when a second man dies in the same manner, but this time, it’s a senator who is also pro-fracking. However, the third victim leaves them stumped, as he’s not at all politically involved. To make matters slightly crazier, two of Pete and Myka’s old friends from the Secret Service, Ted and Elise, are also on the case, and they’re behaving a bit oddly. It turns out that Ted and Elise have been dating secretly and have now had a secret wedding. The discovery of the marriage created a moment where Ted and Pete talk about intra-office romantic relationships while Elise and Myka cover the same topic. I really hope that Warehouse 13 is not trying to make Pete and Myka into a romantic couple, as I feel that it would hurt the overall narrative, and I’d like to see the two stay as close friends. Not every male/female team needs to turn into a romantic partnership.

After discovering the connection between the victims of the artifact, Pete and Myka save the life of the reporter who originally broke the story with the use of another artifact – a necklace from the driest place on Earth – and realize that the artifact is directly affected by people who tell lies. This is proven while they investigate in the senator’s office and Ted and Elise have a minor argument about Ted ogling women at their last investigation site. As soon as he lies, he starts coughing up water and drowning, but is saved by Myka with the necklace. It turns out that the artifact causing all the trouble is the sword of Alfred Dreyfuss, a soldier who was falsely accused of spying and ended up locked up on a remote island. The user of the artifact attempts to turn it on herself, but is saved by Pete, who bags the artifact in the nick of time. It was great to see purple sparks from the bagging again. I feel like I haven’t seen that in forever.

At the end of the episode, it’s onto the next case for everyone, but Claudia is now determined to save her sister and get her out of the coma she’s been in for so many years, even though Artie says it’s impossible.

I really enjoyed the episode except for the hinting of Pete and Myka’s friendship being turned into a romantic relationship. That’s just not necessary, and I’d prefer to not see it happen. What did you think of this episode of Warehouse 13? Did you enjoy the episode? Are you looking forward to the next episode? Let us know in the comments!

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