The Men of Letters bunker is haunted and Sam and Dean must fulfill a special request in order to free the bound spirit.  Castiel is captured by power-hungry angel, Bartholomew, and his followers and is faced with a choice.







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This week’s episode looks at captives from two different perspectives – that of the person held captive and that of the captors.  When the Winchesters discover that the bunker is haunted, they find that in order to release the spirit bound to the bunker, they have to do something in return.  This leads to them rescuing someone who has been held captive by demons for quite some time – someone they believed to be dead.

Captives Captives

Meanwhile, Castiel is trying to reach out to angels that were known associates of Metatron, and in the process he is taken by Bartholomew’s followers to meet with their leader who has become quite ambitious and ruthless since becoming earthbound.  It seems that Castiel is being sought to join sides with Bart’s group and help find Metatron, destroy the other angel factions and rule heaven and earth.  Bartholomew is a former warrior comrade to Castiel, and it is clear rather early on, that he resents Cas and has always felt a competitive edge with him.  It turns out that not only has Bart been ruthless and brutal on earth, but he slaughtered several captives of the angel war that Castiel left in his care.  Bartholomew reveals to Cas that he was ordered to kill those captives and that Castiel was considered to be too soft to ‘follow orders and do what needed to be done.’  He feels, though, that the new Cas – the Cas who slaughtered so many angels and even murdered an angel for his grace – would be a perfect ally in his quest for heavenly glory.

But Castiel refuses to join forces and even opts for death if he has no choice.  Bartholomew is determined to rouse Cas to some sort of violence and even after Cas gets the upper hand – physically – and drops the angel blade to try and walk away, Bartholomew just won’t stop.  Cas is finally forced to make a choice – fight or be killed.  Bartholomew is slaughtered and Cas leaves the followers behind.  Later, at the gravesite of one of the angels killed by Barholomew, Cas is approached by one of Bart’s angels.  He thanks Cas for showing them that they do have a choice and, if he’ll have him, he chooses to follow Castiel.  There are others that want to do the same.  Now Castiel must make a choice.  The angels have something that humans have always had – free will.  It has been a bumpy learning curve for all, but they may be finally understanding it.

Captives Captives







The most pleasant surprise of the episode is the return, even in ghostly form, of our beloved Kevin Tran.  He is stuck behind the veil between heaven and earth.  It turns out that the doors to heaven are closed to everyone.  The veil is full of the souls of people who have died since the angels fell, and they are held captive there by their inability to enter heaven.  They are all bound to the areas where they died, hence Kevin is bound to the bunker.  He has one request for the guys – please find his mother, Ms. Tran (Lauren Tom).

Captives Captives Captives






Though they are skeptical, the brothers agree to try to find Kevin’s mother. This leads them to Wichita, Kansas, having an otherworldly conversation with a ghost named Candy, and, finally, to a storage warehouse where the demons are holding Ms. Tran.  They have a comical encounter with a nerdy demon, Del (James Immekus) — one of Crowley’s flunkies — who is quite unhappy with his lack of employee benefits (killing, maiming, etc.).

Lauren Tom is amazing as the tiger mom with nerves of steel, Ms. Tran.  Even when she realizes her beloved son is gone, she carries on — even more determined to get out of captivity.  The Winchesters will take her to her son.  The reunion between mother and child is bittersweet, but they are together again and Ms. Tran will be able to take her son home with her (via a ring from his father which his spirit is most likely attached to).  Dean warns Ms. Tran that ghosts trapped in the veil may change over time and not in a good way.  But Ms. Tran is a rock and tells Dean that Kevin is her son and she is determined to take care of him for as long as she can.

As Kevin and the Winchesters say their final farewells (well, as final as farewells tends to be in their world), he implores them to get over their conflicts — they may not have been able to see him, but he could see them.  They promise to work things out.  But no sooner is Kevin out of the door, but Sam is turning his back on Dean and retreating to his room without another word.  Dean is rejected once again and we can see how it stings.

Sam, in the words of Gabriel — we love you, but sometimes you are a great big bag of dicks.


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Supernatural Wisdom

I always like to include some of my favorite quotes and exchanges from the episode.  If you have some quotes or moments you liked, please share in the comments section.

Dean:  “Yep.  Bunker’s haunted.”
Dean:  “I mean, we were the first people to occupy this place in 50 years.  Why would a ghost wait so long to get its spook on?”
Kevin as he’s breaking through the veil:  “This is not happening.  Didn’t spend months struggling to break through the veil just to get stuck listening to Dean Winchester having a self-pity session… Didn’t hear enough of those while I was alive…”
Dean to ghost Kevin:  “Wait, wait, wait… Why aren’t you in heaven?  I mean, if anybody deserves an express pass to paradise – “
Kevin:  “I couldn’t.  I can’t.  No one can.  Heaven’s closed for business.  Everyone who’s died since the angels fell are just stuck inside the veil, waiting.  And it’s bad in here.  Like DMV-line-times- infinity bad.”
Sam:  “Well, I mean, what can we do?”
Kevin:  “I need a favor – a big one.”
Sam:  “Okay.”
Kevin:  “Find my mother.”
Sam to Dean in Wichita, Kansas:  “All right, that’s the trestle.  Candy said her spirit was stuck nearby.”
Dean:  “She died here? 
Sam:  “Yeah.”
Dean:  “Dude, what got her?  A bear?”
Sam:  “I’m still stuck on the fact that we’re trying to summon a ghost named Candy.  You know, just ‘cause Kevin said he heard his mom is alive doesn’t mean she –“
Dean:  “Hey, we at least owe it to the kid to try, right?”  [Hangs portable radio on tree branch.]
Sam:  “What’d you bring?”
Dean:  “Well, she’s only been dead a week, right?  So I figured she could use as much help as she can get, so…”  [Pulls out of his duffel bag the coffeemaker from the bunker and shows Sam.]
Sam:  “Really?”
Dean:  “Whatever works.”
Sam to Dean in woods:  “You feel that?  I think I felt a chill.”
Dean:  [beat]  “Yeah.  It’s ‘cause it’s cold.”
Dean:  [leaving message on cell phone]  “Crowley, it’s Dean.  Call me when you get this.”
Sam:  “Really, Dean?”
Dean:  “What?”
Sam:  “That’s your third unanswered voicemail.  You ever think maybe he’s just not that into you?”
Bartholomew to Castiel:  “You got called back to the garrison.  You became The Great Castiel… while I stayed behind, just a grunt.”
Castiel:  “You gained a reputation for yourself, as well.  The captives I left in your care, [becoming angry] you tortured and killed them.”
Bartholomew:  “I was ordered to kill those captives.  You’ve been flying solo for so long, you’ve forgotten that’s what angels do – we follow orders.”
Castiel:  “Not you, though.  Not anymore.”
Bartholomew:  [standing]  “That’s right.  I give them.”
Dean to Sam in warehouse office, regarding storage lockers:  “It’s all leased by the same guy – a D. Webster.”
Sam:  “D. Webster?  Wait – as in, like, Daniel Webster?”
Dean:  “Well, I know a lame Crowley in-joke when I see one.”
Ms. Tran to Sam:  [through gritted teeth] “You will take me to my son.”
Del, demon warehouse manager, to Dean:  “And you know the worst part?  I wasn’t even allowed to kill anyone.  I was told to protect them.  [scoffs]  I mean, how sick is that?  Am I not a young, vital demon with basic demon needs and rights?  [sighs]  And when I call Crowley to inform him that I’ve single-handedly caught the Winchesters – if he even answers my call – think I’ll get a thank you?  Ha!”
Dean to Del, regarding Crowley:  “Well, me and Crowley, we’re tight now — thick as thieves.  Saw him just last month.  We, uh, had a grand ol’ time.”
Del:  [upset]  “So that’s where he’s been – out partying with humans… with hunters?!  While I languish here in this go-nowhere, no-kill joke of a job.”
Dean:  “’Partying’ is a bit of an exaggeration.”
Del:  “This job BLOOWWWS!  [tears off name tag and throws it down]  I quit.” 
Bartholomew to Castiel:  “Castiel, get your head out of the sand.  Do you know why they brought you back from the battlefield?  The truth?”
Castiel:  “Yes, I know the truth.”
Bartholomew:  “Our leaders wanted those captives killed, and they knew you’d stand in the way of their order.  Said you didn’t have it in you.  That you couldn’t do what needed to be done…”
Bartholomew:  “You never did understand, Castiel.  There can be no peace without bloodshed.”
Bartholomew follower angel to Castiel:  “I didn’t come to fight.  When I fell, I thought I had no choice, but yesterday you showed me that there is a choice.  And I choose you.”
Castiel:  “I’m sorry.  I’m no leader.”
Angel:  “Yes, you are.  If you will have me, Castiel, I will follow you.  And I am not the only one.”
Kevin to Sam, regarding Gadreel killing him:  “Sam, I know that wasn’t you.  Go put a blade in that asshat who possessed you and we’ll call it square.”


And the final wise quote/exchange of the episode is at the very end as Kevin is saying his final goodbye to the Winchesters:

Dean to Kevin:  “You can thank us when we get you back to heaven where you belong.  Okay, until then, enjoy your time with your mom.  The, uh, uninterrupted, 24/7, no-escape quality time.”
Kevin:  [laughs]  “Dick.  [starts to walk away, then turns back]  Hey, before I go… will you guys promise me something?”
Dean and Sam:  “Yeah.  Anything.”
Kevin:  “Can you two… get over it?  Dudes, just ‘cause you couldn’t see me doesn’t me I couldn’t see you.  The drama, the fighting…  it’s stupid.  My mom’s taking home a ghost.  You two… you’re both still here.”
Sam:  “Of course.  Promise.”  [clears throat]
Dean:  “Yeah.”
Kevin:  “Good.”  [leaves bunker with Ms. Tran]
Dean:  [turning to talk to Sam] “Well, that was –“  [Sam is already walking away without speaking.]

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