Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/Fox

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/Fox

***SPOILERS Below***

The Crazy Ones finally had a new episode air again last night, and it was hilarious! The episode opened with a sauce-off between members of Lewis, Roberts + Roberts, where the team we know and love are tasting some deliciously spicy hot sauce as prep to gain the creators of the sauce as clients. Andrew narrates while Zach, Lauren, and Simon do shots of the hot sauce until they can no longer take it. Sydney shows up soon after, showing off her new assistant, Allie. Zach comes over to say hello, and Sydney immediately gets overprotective and tells him off. He is not allowed to flirt with and/or date her new assistant, a woman so prepared that she has Tums waiting on peoples’ desks for after the sauce-off ends.

Once the sauce-off is over and the pitch has begun, Simon goes into his his usual hijinks to get the prospective clients to hire Lewis, Roberts + Roberts. However, this time it goes slightly differently than anticipated. Instead, Zach is left in charge of closing the deal with the clients, and in doing so, he seriously over promises what can be done for the clients. He promises that the ad campaign can have a jingle created by Danny Chase (Josh Groban in his second appearance on The Crazy Ones) and sung by Brad Paisley.

Upon telling Simon what he’s promised, Zach is given a dressing down for being too much like his boss. Simon explains what he would have done in that situation, and tells Zach that because of what he’s promised, they’re going to have to go through with it. Ultimately, they make it happen, only to have everything fall apart around them. There’s a crisis situation that requires out of the box thinking, and Zach and Simon make it happen.

In the mean time, Sydney discovers that Allie has a date with someone who works at the agency. Infuriated, she turns on Zach and starts to berate him, only to discover that Andrew is actually the person who will be going out with Allie. There’s some awkwardness while Sydney and Andrew try to hash out their feelings over inter-office relationships, and the underlying tension continues to suggest that the two are attracted to each other and Sydney is jealous. Eventually, though, Sydney gets her way, only to have an inconsolable assistant who wants to continue dating Andrew. She and Lauren get Andrew to go out with Allie again, only to have him like her back and the two start seeing each other. Sydney is still jealous, and I’m hoping it’ll change and lead to her admitting her feelings for Andrew. I guess we’ll have to see what, if anything, changes in next week’s new episode.

My favorite moment from the show was when Danny arrived at Lewis, Roberts + Roberts. He’s extremely cocky as he arrives, and quickly sweeps Lauren into a massive kiss, which he follows up by telling Sydney she could have been the one being kissed. Her retort, “Fifty yards, jingle boy; in effect until 2015” had me sniggering, and Danny’s response of “You’re adorable” had me laughing! It was one of the moments I’ve come to expect from The Crazy Ones; witty, snarky, and very on the mark.

The rest of the show was also great, and for me, this has once again proven that if any show should have a second season, The Crazy Ones is it. The heart of the show is the relationships between the main cast, and that is followed up by comedy of the situations they find themselves in. Everything works together to create a show with heart, soul, and humor.

Did you love this week’s episode of The Crazy Ones? Let us know what you think in the comments! Want to watch the episode again, or catch it for the first time? Head to and enjoy the craziness! Definitely be sure to check out next week’s episode, when Pam Dawber guest stars on the show and there’s a Mork & Mindy reunion!

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