Leaving the highly rated – and highly admired – show with a cliffhanger back in January without word of any renewal for weeks had fans of all levels nervous and unsettled.  It seemed inconceivable that the network and studio would leave not only the plot hanging (Spoiler!! Neal Caffrey was kidnapped by heretofore unknown assailants) but fans of Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay and the rest of the cast were left hoping to see the tight-knit relationships (and admittedly epic bromance) that the talent built over 5 seasons get the send-off they deserved, as well.

So, the fans who rallied together to form the White Collar Closure TV campaign are not giving up hope. Yes, the commitment to 6 episodes in Season 6 is about as short a run as USA Network has ever pulled together (really, they couldn’t have dipped into their rainy day piggy bank for at least a solid 10?) but I’m sure TPTB assume that it’s enough to rope in the storylines and bring the gang all back home again where we can turn off the TV after episode 6 and assume everyone lives happily ever after.

If you’re one of the fans who knows in your heart that the show deserves more (and who doesn’t want Matt Bomer’s visage all over their TV screens for as long as possible??) then you should make your opinion and support known.  How?  Glad you asked! Try these for starters:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wcclosuretv

Twitter: @WCClosureTV

Hashtag: #WhiteCollarForFULLS6

Website: www.whitecollarclosure.tv

Heck, they’ve even got a DVD charity donation going on for the cause:   http://www.whitecollarclosure.tv/donation/

Read through for the Open Letter from the fans so you can decide if you want your voice to be heard.  And in case you were wondering, yes, I’m a fan, too!

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