The “LMD” story arc on Agents of SHIELD has brought up some interesting questions about what’s life and what is not. All that’s clear is that Radcliffe wants to use the LMayD he made to get the Darkhold.

However, the truth about someone else was revealed, and it proved you can’t replace some people.


It turns out Jeffrey Mace, aka The Patriot, (Jason O’Mara) is not what he seems to be. He’s actually a temporary ‘Captain America’ that General Talbot (Adrian Pasdar) made because he thought it would be a great way to improve SHIELD’s reputation. Not only that, Mace’s “heroic” act in Vienna was actually an accident. Aside from that, he’s been able to fake it pretty well. He gets his super-strength through a steroid cocktail that he carries with him in a briefcase everywhere.

The secret unravels when the Watchdogs send a Russian sniper to attack Mace, while Daisy gets a nice testimonial for a good deed she did. Talbot tries to break the sniper on his own, while someone blasts the Quinjet with Coulson, Mac, Mace and a SHIELD agent aboard. Mace loses the briefcase in the attack, which he really needs.

Simmons finds out the truth, which really upsets her and Fitz. However, she’s able to get the sniper to talk using the head of Aida 1.0. Simmons should be in the next Avengers movie just for that. Fitz, though, still wants to know why Aida went rogue, and is determined to get into her head to find out. He’s not telling Simmons, though, putting new meaning to the term “other woman.”

So, what about Radcliffe’s (John Hannah) plan to use an LMD of May to infiltrate the agents? What’s strange is that LMayD doesn’t know she’s an android, which helps in convincing the agents she’s the real Agent May. In fact, she’s pretty good at being May. It’s also odd  Daisy finds LMayD sitting in Lola, and she comes up with a story where Coulson supposedly let her drive Lola in Madrid. For the android’s sake, it better be true, especially the claim that Coulson had a mustache at the time.

At one point, May wakes up from the drug-induced state Radcliffe put her in. Aida 2.0 (Mallory Jansen) finds her, though, and puts her back under. He decides to keep May “calm” by giving her an opponent to fight in her dreams. He wants LMayD to keep fooling the agents, but he sure doesn’t want May harmed…or awake.

Meanwhile, Coulson and Mac try to stay ahead of whoever attacked them, but wonder why Mace thinks it’s more important to find the briefcase. They eventually find out the truth about Mace, but they have him fake his power by using his Patriot suit. It’s actually convincing enough to cause a distraction and get the upper hand on the enemy, who turn out to be Watchdogs. Daisy and LMayD arrive and help out, while Mac uses an axe to battle the bad guys in some intense action scenes. However, LMayD is cut on her back, and the wound is deep enough to show her real form. She’ll hide it, at least, for now.

So what about Mace? Well, Coulson thinks Mace should still be director, while Coulson is the power behind the scenes. They should do more than that, though. They should see to it Mace gets more training, which he’d welcome because Talbot didn’t give him that much. That way, he can be a good agent eventually, just as Daisy learned her job.

Mace is also pro-Inhuman, which will affect his relationship with Senator Nadeer.

Talbot, meanwhile, should get a phone call from Steve Rogers, telling him “really?” a couple hundred times.

Next week, it looks like Nadeer will cause more trouble for SHIELD, and May tries to get away from Radcliffe but Aida 2.0 gets too extreme, again.

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