Metal Hurlant Chronicles: The Endomorphe. Photo Credit:

Metal Hurlant Chronicles: The Endomorphe. Photo Credit:

***SPOILERS Below***

Two episodes of Metal Hurlant Chronicles aired back on SyFy, and the episode “The Endomorphe” aired immediately after “King’s Crown.” This episode focused on a civil war between humanity and creatures of their own creation – cyborg miners that are called Meccamorphs. These creatures are made of fused metal and human flesh, and reminded me of a creepier mashup of a couple villains from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Once, the Meccamorphs worked for the humans, helping to harvest the fuel that the planet uses. However, they eventually rose up against the humans and started a war. At this point in time, the humans are losing the war, badly and their only hope lies in the Endomorphe, a young boy who is expected to be thrown into a pillar of light energy and come out as a Golem to help the few humans left.

In the episode, we meet a small team of humans that is hoping to get the Endomorphe to the Meccadrome, so that he can transform and save humanity. The team is quickly in for trouble when they discover that one of their own has been injured and injected with a form of tracking device that tells the Meccamorphs where they are. They leave him behind and continue on their way, hurrying as quickly as they can.

As the team rushes towards the Meccadrome through enemy territory, they have to deal with the many Meccamorphs who find them and fight them, as well as the Meccamorph leader, who possesses the ability to use his senses to see what has happened and where the team has gone by the items they leave behind. That ability quickly allows him to catch up to the humans, though they continue to put up a valiant fight.

The lone female human in the group separates from the rest of the team, and quickly discovers the Meccamorphs have closed in on her. She is able to take a few down, but they get into the trench where she is and she has a fight with a lot of them. Before they can kill her, she detonates some grenades she had, and takes out about a dozen Meccamorphs with her, which she hopes will allow the rest of the group to get the Endomorphe closers to their destination before more catch up to them.

Unfortunately, the rest of the group is dealing with their own Meccamorphs, and another member of the group stays behind to try and fend them off, while the group leader and the Endomorphe get closer and closer to the Meccadrome. It seems like everything is going well, but the leader of the Meccamorphs catches up to the two, and gets his knife into the back of the group leader. The Endomorphe is only a few feet from the Meccadrome, but the Meccamorph tries to convince him not to jump into the light. The plot twist that follows is excellent! (I once again will say no more for fear of spoiling the end of the episode.)

I found it really interesting that the show is airing completely out of order from how the series ran before. On SyFy, the pilot episode ran first, as expected, but the second episode aired is listed on as the second episode of season two. Granted, the order in which the episodes run doesn’t really matter, as each is a stand alone piece, but I did expect a different episode to air in place of “The Endomorphe.” Either way, I once again enjoyed the episode and look forward to seeing the new ones next week!

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Metal Hurlant Chronicles airs Monday @ 8/7c on The SyFy Channel.

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