Tonight Raj’s luck continues and he keeps seeing Emily. This time it is a double date with Mr. and Mrs. Wolowitz, and it ends up being hilarious. For Sheldon, it’s time for another big problem. It is actually a real one tonight, so I will cut him some slack. But let’s not forget what I said last week: Sheldon will be getting a makeover!!!!! Hold onto your panties folks.

****Spoilers Below****

As the boys sit down for their usual lunch at work, the topic of being an astro-physicist comes up. The guys are super stoked about how much has happened in the last year. It is a good time to be a scientist….for everyone but Sheldon. He is having a major crisis internally and it shows. He is no closer to finding any proof of string theory, and as Leonard says, he’s been doing it for twenty years. I think Sheldon is now regretting his career; and is a little jealous. I mean a lifetime working on a theory that will probably never be proved isn’t depressing, is it?

Sheldon is genuinely sad. He is actually talking to Penny about it!? He opens up, and she does understand what he’s feeling. A little heart to heart is not complete without a couple of blows to all of Penny’s failings….there’s the Sheldon we all know and love. So sassy. She compares it to a bad breakup and Sheldon is now “breaking up” with his old career. He is getting advice from girly magazines and I’m starting to think, this is very sad.

Since Sheldon is done with his old life the next logical step is to get a makeover of course. And who better to help, then Penny. The magazine suggested it. 😉 Leonard says Sheldon should have a little “business in the front, science in the back” haha. His haircut is not what he originally wanted (a cross between Bill Gates and Tesla ) but it’s super hot. Amy walks in and agrees, he looks too good! She doesn’t want to lose him now.  Sheldon keeps taking advice from Penny, I don’t like it; he’s drinking!!!! Sheldon drunk dialed Stephen Hawking, about forty times.

On the Raj front it seems Lucy, his old girlfriend, is not cool with him dating two people; so now Raj only has Emily to worry about. Let’s hope he does not blow it. She is cute and sweet, and let’s face it: Raj can be a creeper. They plan on having a double date with Howard and Bernadette, so what could go wrong? It’s upsetting because Howard is very negative about Raj all the time, and acts like a jerk about it. What’s this??? Howard and Emily know each other……. and it is bad. Apparently they once had a blind date. However, it ended up like a scene in Along Came Polly. He basically destroyed her bathroom (with an over flowing toilet, so on) and ran away. Pretty awful and hilarious dinner talk. I like this Emily girl.  Now everyone will forever call Howard “Clog-zilla.” Good times.

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