Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

***SPOILERS Below***

It’s pretty hard to say this, but I really wasn’t a fan of last night’s new episode of The Crazy Ones. I expected a whole lot more than we got. The episode was promoted heavily with the guest appearance of Pam Dawber, since she hasn’t been on TV in decades and is best known for her role on Mork & Mindy with Robin Williams. Instead, viewers were given three measly scenes with the duo, and the rest of the episode focused on Sydney being a drama queen with a sprained ankle, a mere mention of a Google Glass rip-off product, and a whole lot of focus on Gordon and his husband’s relationship woes.

The absolute best thing about this episode was, without a doubt, Pam Dawber. Her character, Lily, was awesome and worked really well with Simon. The chemistry was electrifying, even with the few scenes they shared. Her chemistry with the rest of the cast for the opening scene was also good, even though we only saw Lily call Zach, Andrew, Lauren, and Sydney out for not reading her book. It’s something that could easily be played up for future episodes of the show and leave viewers enthralled.

However, even with Lily on the show, there was still a lot that I felt was missing from the episode. There were mentions of a Google Glass rip-off, and it played into the tail end of the episode, but being that this is an ad agency, I expected more work to be done with an ad campaign. Instead, this episode was all about relationships. It mostly focused on Gordon and his husband, who he’s been with for twenty years. Due to Gordon’s lack of spontaneity, his husband kicks him out. The majority of the episode focuses on Gordon’s despondence and how Simon tries to cheer him up. It ends with some “Barryoke,” which is not Barry Manilow-based karaoke, as I expected, as well as a group of men singing Miley Cyrus’s song “Wrecking Ball.”

The secondary plot mostly focused on another character in the office named Jean, who is overbearing when people talk to her. First, Andrew tries to nicely return her keys to her, only to have her take control and take him out to lunch, as well as make him vests. It’s crazy and uncomfortable. Sadly, it’s only followed up with Sydney ending up taking the heat off Andrew and having to tell Jean no. As for Sydney, she spends most of the episode being a drama queen over a minorly sprained ankle. It’s disappointing. I also was curious as to where Sydney’s new assistant was. Since she was introduced in the previous episode last week, I fully expected to see her again this week, only to find her missing.

For me, it’s really disappointing to know that next week is the season (and possibly series) finale for The Crazy Ones. I’m still hoping for a late season renewal of the show. However, I will happily re-watch the episodes that have aired up until now, while I wait for next week’s special hour long finale. Will you be checking it out? You can check out videos, photos, and behind the scenes goodies for The Crazy Ones at while you wait for next week!

The Crazy Ones airs Thursday at 9:30/8:30c on CBS. Watch full episodes on, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.

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