Holy moly what a crazy episode of that was! One might need to watch this particular episode more than once to truly grasp all of the, “oh snap,” moments that took place.


Death and the Maiden

Silas you are one entertainingly crazy witch! The episode opens with Silas casually chatting with a couple at a bus stop and as if it were an everyday occurrence, he begins telling them about all of the travesties that have been placed against him the last few hundred years. When we return to Mystic Falls Stefan awakes, memories intact, and declares that he will be killing Silas regardless of any deal Damon made with him. Furthermore, we are given the terrible task of watching Jeremy and Bonnie seemingly say goodbye as Silas has decided he will not be helping bring her back to life as he promised Damon he would. A desperate Damon is at the end of his rope with sanity in regards to Silas and needs to find a plan B for bringing his girlfriend’s best friend back to life.

Meanwhile Amara, or “crazy pants,” as Damon so gleefully refers to her, is in the cellar doing all she can to end her miserable life. However, we soon realize that she is far more important than we ever imagined. As Jeremy and a ghostly Bonnie bring Amara her lunch, we realize that miss “crazy pants” can see both the living and the deceased for she is the anchor to the other side. Since Amara wants to die and Bonnie wants to be among the living again, they could make an anchor swap. However, they would need a powerful witch to do so and Silas just isn’t an option.


Back at Witmore, Katharine learns that her hair loss and tooth loss is due to aging, as one would expect from a few hundred year old former vampire. However, she can’t seem to connect with her long lost vampire daughter, despite her daughter’s attempts at mother-daughter bonding time.

Damon has made a deal with Tessa, who agrees to help with the anchor swap, as she will get to kill both Silas and Amara and everything seems to be going perfectly. Come on guys, this is Mystic Falls. Clearly this plan will not be without it’s struggles. As Tessa is doing the spell, using of course, the blood of the doppelgangers, Silas interferes. However, Stefan has taken Amara and is holding her hostage. Silas, coming to his lover’s rescue, is jumped and killed by a severely damaged Stefan. Then, like Romeo and Juliet, Amara stabs herself and dies. Following their deaths, Tessa kills herself as she has completed her plot for revenge. However, the spell to make Bonnie the anchor has worked and Bonnie is now visible and touchable. Side affect of being the anchor Bonnie will feel every supernatural death in full painful detail.

Death and the Maiden

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