Tonight on Bones: Brennan’s daughter Christine celebrates a birthday, and the death of a children’s tv star is investigated. Tonight is a lot of fun. Can Temperance actually throw a kid’s party? You are about to find out. Clark is back as well, and he has a new hobby he wants everyone to hear about.

****Spoilers Below****

Tonight the remains of our newest victim is brought into the Smithsonian entwined in Kudzu (and it’s a real plant, I looked it up)… and it is super creepy. Basically, the remains are one with the vines, and it will be particularly difficult to get this body separated. While Hodgins tries to separate the body, Brennan can tell it is a male. As they get started, this plant is literally breathing and moving. It is unreal, and Dr. Hodgins has to gently prune the plant away from each part. The remains have their own agenda. Hopefully they will get some answers soon.

According to picture evidence, this murder was committed by a novice. DNA comes back, and leads the team to the set of a children’s television show. The show consists of a bunch of vegetables… will we have to interview every cast member? Brennan not only informs the cast of the murder, but lets them know “corn is not a vegetable.”  You are something else Bones.

Apparently the victim, Joe Starkle, created the kids show; and his brother replaced him when he left to create another show. Seems odd to leave the show you created… Another weird thing is how his brother is acting, and how his wife is acting; they hadn’t seen him in months. At the set of his new show, we find out it was cancelled, and there was an altercation between Joe and his boss that left severe injuries. We also find out that “Carrot Bill” (Joe) had more than a few female fans- some likely to be less than stable. A woman who is clearly crazy is interviewed, and my gosh y’all she is scary. And has a very lame reason for sending threatening tweets to him. Although the list of suspects grows to include other cast members, the show’s producer, and even the dead mans’ brother, it turns out to be the crazy stalker lady. It was an accident, but she threw his dead body into a trunk and dumped it, so that’s despicable.

Meanwhile, Booth is annoyed and unsettled yet again, because Brennan never had a birthday party thrown for her as a child and now thinks it is useless like most other normal things. When he talks things over with Sweets and hears he never had one either, he admits that the only time his own father was sober was each year’s birthday party for Seeley. Obviously there are many reason why it’s important to Booth for his daughter to have a proper party. Those only come once a year, and are so special. The entire episode is another “battle” between Booth and Brennan to decide how to raise their daughter. Temperance’s father is on again tonight as well, and we find out a little bit more about the childhood she had. After talking to him, she seems to be more open to the idea of a party. It’s a good party, and Booth ends up being the entertainment for the girls and it’s so damn cute. He is a great dad 🙂

Dr. Clark is back and while dealing with his bad break up, discovers writing. The problem is that his book is terrible, and the gang really does not know how to tell him. Jeez, is that how people feel after reading my reviews? 😉 Not to worry. Somehow he gets word that his book will get published, and all the team has to do now is be quiet! Have a great night, and see you next week.

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