After long wait of mixed reviews, DC’s Titans premiered on their streaming service.  The series looks to build each episode together while introducing and focusing on the various characters who will be the Titans.

The first two episodes revolve around Rachel, a young disturbed girl who in these episodes appears to be demonically possessed, with what seems psychic abilities.  The other character is Dick Grayson, who no longer works with Batman and is trying to leave “the” life behind him.

This story is a darker look at the characters, being more brutal and violent than their comic counterparts.  So far the battles have been street level focusing on a cruel Robin, fierce and unforgiving towards the criminals.  Again, in the second episode, “Hawk and Dove” Robin and his old friends battle street level criminals.  It’s obvious Robin has more training, but it is good seeing Titans introduce so many heroes like Hawk and Dove.  We still have only gotten one scene with Beast Boy.

Once viewed, if there were complaints by some, it was that the show was uncharacteristically violent, for someone who has known these characters for over 20 years in various media forms I can see why some feel this way.  For myself, I am seeing Grayson at a specific place in his life.  He is afraid of becoming another Batman, so instead he immerses himself in a life of police work.  This is also a thankless job where he continues to have to deal with the worst of humanity.  I think the creators have done a good job with where he is at, and where he will be going.  Dick Grayson isn’t perfect, he makes poor choices as seen when he sleeps with Dawn while she is dating Hank in “Hawk and Dove.”

Something very well done by the show was showing Kori’s powers untamed. We don’t know her backstory in this series, and even though it will be changed some, the show did a good job demonstrating that she will be Starfire.  I can’t wait to see more of her.

One of the best things Titans has done is making Rachel a character centric to the series.  Her story is what brings all of the characters together, for the better.  Each of them will ultimately become heroes.  Rachel is the youngest but arguably one of the most powerful members from what we have seen so far.  Her power is raw.  From the first scene of her psychically seeing the of  Grayson’s parents,  to watching her defend herself and kill with no training.  The other side is Rachel’s relationship with Grayson who attempts to do for her what Bruce did for him.

DCU has created something that could be very unique in Titans.  With only two episodes, I am eagerly awaiting the third this Friday.  So far the road has been long and hard for our heroes, and this is only the beginning.  Titans is on DC streaming service on Fridays.

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