Tonight Howard and Sheldon visit Houston and see Sheldon’s family. The rest of the gang are entertained by Raj.

****Spoilers Below****

Since Howard and Sheldon have “made up,” they are enjoying a nice trip to Texas. Back at the house it’s dinner as usual, except they can do whatever they want!!! SO, it’s Raj to the rescue with another murder mystery adventure. I’m not sure how much the gang is gonna like this, but I doubt there is much choice. The first victim is none other than lonely guy number 1… Stuart Bloom. Try to withhold your excitement. He is the only person more sad than Raj. Penny is not amused, Amy wants to be someone else, and of course Bernadette has to win; so let’s see how this pans out.

The clues are given out, and so far everyone is less than excited. Raj is very creative and doesn’t break character, so we can see how much this means to him. After a lot of story, that includes time travel and laser lights, this party is still sucking.  He does make great back stories for all of their futures. As you can guess, everyone is taking it personally and now thinking about the real future. Oh boy. It’s Penny and Leonard at it again. Stuart says how amazing he thinks the two are though. It is quite sweet, and may stop a fight from happening. The game is ruined, but it was worth it. Leonard and Penny are a great couple who bring out the best in each other, and they actually do not get into an unnecessary fight as they have so many times in the past.

Meanwhile in Houston, Howard and Sheldon are on their way to see Sheldon’s mom. They are doing a pretty good job of getting along, until Sheldon sees something he can not un-see. Through the window it appears his mom is having sex. Like a small child Cooper runs to the car, and they leave. At a bar where they drove to, Howard tries to comfort Sheldon, but he is so upset. It was a surprise visit, and now Sheldon has to tell her that she has dishonored him, hahaha. Sheldon feels it’s his business, so this is going to happen folks.

Sheldon confronts her, and is blunt to say the least. As he puts it, he saw her having “naked sex.”  She tries to explain that she has a boyfriend, and it ends up with Cooper being grounded. Really?! Ok. Howard talks to Sheldon about his personal experience with his own mom and makes good sense. Cooper does want his mom to be happy. Time for an apology, Sheldon style. It’s a very appropriate apology considering Sheldon and his christian upbringing. It is also hilarious, so do go back and watch this episode.

After all the talk of the future, they make a plan to meet in twenty years to have dinner together like they always have… it’s super neat. Flash forward 20 years: Stuart waits alone… we all knew it. It’s almost too sad for poor Stuart, but it is the way things usually go. I mean, would anyone actually keep that promise? It’s the thought that counts. So ends another kind of emotional episode. The group that makes being different seem cool, and represents friendship in the best way possible, is still keeping us all entertained and wanting more. 🙂

If you want more Big Bang, Bernadette was on Letterman last night. See all of you nerd lovers next week. May the force be with you.

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