White Collar

How do you solve a problem like Neal Caffrey?

(Spoilers if you haven’t seen the end of season 5!)

Unfortunately, if you’re a fan of NBC Universal’s hit show, White Collar, you may never know.  Matt Bomer’s conman, Neal Caffrey, has been abducted and without a series 6 renewal, no one knows whodunit or why. There’s no question that here at Whedonopolis we’re big fans of the show — you can check out our reviews of the past season over in our Review section — and of all the talent that is invested in it, in front of and behind the cameras. As members of multiple fandoms ourselves (Whedonopolis is a project of Fandom Charities, after all), we stand by any collective that wants to make their voices heard to The Powers That Be. At the moment, White Collar is the only USA Network drama series that has had no season pick up, and it’s been six weeks since the season 5 finale.  A cliffhanging finale if ever there was one, at that.  There are no doubt Big Budget and Return On Investment discussions going on behind closed doors at The Network and the Production Studio, but leaving us in limbo isn’t making any friends for either company in the fandom.

Fans of suave, sweet, and sexy conman, Neal Caffrey, and clever, loyal and righteous FBI Agent Peter Burke – along with myriad supporting characters – are making their voices heard and using social media to let TPTB know we all want a Season 6 of White Collar.

How can you get involved? For starters, tweet your support of the show using the hashtag #WhiteCollarForS6 and #CollarsUnited.  Fans have been busy updating their feeds with these tags since the campaign started Feb 24.  Make sure your voice is heard, too!

On Facebook? USA Network has a public page and we encourage you to “like” the page and post your comments and desires for a Season 6 (but remember to be polite!). 

Finally, if you’re into signing petitions and like to see how many other fans are on board with this project, go to http://www.change.org/petitions/network-usa-white-collar-needs-to-be-renewed to add your name to the list. It may not clinch the deal, but it certainly can’t hurt!

If you want to connect with other fans committed to our favorite Conman, then be sure to visit the fan created site, WhiteCollarClosure.tv, where folks are doing their best to keep spirits up and info available.

We don’t know if the network and production company have made any decisions yet, but without adding our voices to the cause, we can’t say we didn’t try to make ourselves heard. The only “con” here is the one in our concern for some closure with White Collar.

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