Good evening everyone. Bones is back on Monday nights with all new episodes. Tonight’s case will have Brennan and Booth working with an old friend in the CIA, and the couple must find a good balance of work and home life.


Tonight a couple of fisherman stumble across our latest victim floating in the water. Inside a yellow bag, they find a human skeleton. The body has been floating for at least four days, according to Temperance; and she will need the bones cleaned before being able to determine anything further. It is also weird that the bag was so easy to spot… just in time for a bass fishing tournament. Looks like the person who left the bag wanted it found.

Our victim is in her late twenties, and let’s just say her ethnicity isn’t easy to verify at first. Brennan doesn’t seem to be in the best mood lately either. Apparently her insurance company is charging her higher prices because they think she is a greater risk than her husband. Obviously, she disagrees and has been letting Booth know every chance she gets. Hopefully she can stay on track long enough to just get this case worked out.

Our victim looks like she may be middle-eastern, and her body is literally in pieces. When Booth and Sweets start trying to figure out what happened, they rule out a sexual assault; and Hodgins is playing with evidence as usual… so the only real lead is that a pen found inside the remains came from Afghanistan. It was government issued, and from a medical supply company. Now we are getting somewhere. Quickly we find out that her name is Sari, and she helped the United States in finding terrorists. She was a brave woman, and now it looks like this will become a national story.

Upon going to see the deceased woman’s brother, they run into none other than Booth’s old buddy, Danny Beck. What the heck is he doing there?! Beck supposedly was in charge of keeping this girl safe, but now it’s Seeley’s job, and he is pissed off (and looking pretty good while angry). Sari was an asset, so there were many bad guys who would want her dead if they knew what she was doing. She helped get a high value target’s location for the CIA. She did her job… looks like the CIA didn’t do theirs. Beck and Booth are butting heads, but this is now everyone’s business. It’s possible that the target may have survived the drone strike the CIA meant for him, and then went after Sari… and that will look very bad for Danny.

Angela does find a person of interest, an Army guard named Derek, who said this dangerous target would find a way to America, “to avenge his people.”  This veteran is now a security guard, and he doesn’t remember much. In the lab Hodgins and Mrs. Hodgins find something very peculiar: a flower (morning glory) and Sari’s brother is a landscaper. Is it possible her brother could actually be involved?? Later they find her brother bought a secret cell phone, and the evidence starts to pile up against the victim’s brother. To make things worse, Danny is now looking suspicious. He is hiding something, and Booth is going to find out. However, the FBI and CIA are now going to have a situation, so hopefully Seeley knows what he is starting. Ms. Wick and Brennan find a possible murder weapon and it leads us to a startling truth; Beck was sleeping with his source Sari. Uh-oh.

Are you ready for the truth? Tonight really kept you guessing until the end, and it turns out Derek the retired soldier was involved with Ibrahim the high value target, all along. Derek killed Sari himself to frame the terrorist, and continue his work with another terrorist organization. Danny is innocent, but Derek may get off by ratting on his “friends.”  Thankfully, Booth finds a way to make Derek pay, and he so deserves to rot. Good job Seeley!!!

After everything is over and done with, Booth and Brennan get to talk about this life insurance business. She decides to accept their assessment, and pay extra to stay in the field with her beloved partner and husband. I think we could all see that happening, since you can not separate those two. I enjoyed tonight’s episode more than I usually do, how about you?  Next week a new sexy intern stirs things up, so if you can’t watch, make sure you set your DVR and read my review next week! Have a great night ladies and gents.

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