Nearly two and a Lust for Love logo image:9_ksimage_2-recomp)half years after it was announced as a Kickstarter project, Lust For Love was finally released this past weekend (February 7th) on Video On Demand. It’s a story about finding love in Los Angeles, featuring several actors from Dollhouse.


The movie, written and directed by Anton King, turned out to be a cute story about a guy who tries to win back the love of his life, with the help of her former friend. It was great to see some of the actors in very different roles, and they were really believable.

It starts with Astor (Fran Kranz) meeting Cali (Dichen Lachman), and telling her that he broke up with his long-time love Mila (Beau Lust for Love CGarrett). He asks Cali for some advice on how to get Mila back. What starts is a long romantic journey that some people may predict how ends. Still, the journey is still pretty interesting.

Kranz plays Astor as a romantic, a real believer in true love. Since he just wanted one girl, Mila, it’s all he’s known. He even reads romantic slam poetry about her. Once he overhears Mila telling her friend Jenny (Miracle Laurie) she prefers someone who understands women, he realizes he needs advice. Rather than ask a guy, he asks Cali because she used to be friends with Mila until something happened between them. Cali acts like a confident woman, familiar with the give and take of romance. That’s why her advice sounds good, but it doesn’t mean it works for him. This is especially true when he tries a pickup line and a condom with a girl at the bar (played by a very familiar face). On the other hand, she seems reluctant to give her heart to someone because of past disappointments, including one with a recent beau.

Love For Lust DMeanwhile, Mila’s moved on with Jake (Enver Gjokai), who’s pretty jealous of Astor. Seeing him trying to be friends with Astor is very funny. There’s also a new neighbor named Trinity (Caitlin Stasey) who seems to be interested in him, but is sending mixed signals. Why she’s doing that leads to a surprising encounter. Maurissa Tanchareon also makes an appearance as a girl Astor meets near the Central Public Library.

Astor and Cali do spend a lot of time together, and it looks like maybe they should get together. However, he’s just hoping to get Mila back, or maybe start something with Trinity. Cali, meanwhile, seems more pragmatic about romance, and would rather be friends with him.

The movie also features Shawna Trpcic as costume designer, the same role she had in Dollhouse, and two songs by Jed Whedon in the soundtrack.

The movie raised more than one hundred thousand dollars in Kickstarter, and it took quite a while to get it ready. It’s a Win Passes to the Premiere Screening of Lust for Love and Q&A with stars!small rom-com, that says a lot about romance, expectations, and what people really need. People who helped fund this movie do get their money’s worth, and those who haven’t will also like this no-frills romantic comedy. There may be a couple of odd twists, but still a good story with actors many of us would like to see again.

The movie is available at several VOD outlets including iTunes, Vudu and Amazon Video, and several cable outlets, For more information, go to

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