The power is up for grabs this week as various opposing forces grapple with food shortages, civil unrest, and crazy extermination plots. But for the “undead” Melanie, the main problem is finding out who she really is and why she is back alive in 2014. Melanie wants to find Sam Verdreaux and get answers from him, since he is the one who probably killed her in 1988. Joe and Norrie want her to stay put, per Barbie’s orders.

Speaking of Barbie, he arrives at Julia’s house just as she is rushing away to search for Melanie. Barbie reveals that her name is Melanie and that Sam was lying about knowing her. Julia still is unsure of Barbie’s integrity after the big extermination plot, but he tells her he just went along with it to find out how to stop them.

Meanwhile, Sam has returned to his cabin to find Junior tearing it apart looking for his mom’s stuff. He tells Sam about letting Lyle out of prison and Lyle stealing his mom’s journal. He stupidly thinks that Lyle killed Angie as Sam looks on creepily. Junior also tells Sam that his mother is still alive and sent him a message to trust Lyle only. Sam seems shocked at this news.


Barbie and Julia arrive at the town cafe to see everyone happily enjoying themselves with food. One of the ladies passing out the food, Andrea, tells Julia that Angie told her about food hidden in the basement. Random townspeople start arguing about Julia versus Big Jim. Some believe Big Jim, some believe Julia. Norrie’s remaining mom, Carolyn, agrees to represent Big Jim and Rebecca in a trial that Julia wants to hold for their extermination plot. Melanie keeps bringing up her issues, but Julia promises answers will come and they just need to wait here. Of course, Joe, Norrie, and Melanie don’t listen, and they venture off to look for Junior.


It’s quite the funny picture in the jail cell. Big Jim and Rebecca sulk in the darkness. Big Jim is not handling imprisonment well. He basically blames Rebecca for his role in the plot. Later, Julia addresses the town from the gazebo. She talks about food supplies – gathering them to have a food drive. People aren’t into it and start shouting about things. The trial suddenly begins (Had no idea it was already happening, and outside too!). The townspeople get more unruly and one guy pulls a gun. Barbie wrestles with him but ultimately, Sheriff Phil shoots the man (named Wendell). Wendell dies. Poor Wendell. Can’t say I’m gonna miss him.


Meanwhile, Sam is still reeling from Junior’s news that his mother is still alive. They both don’t understand what to do next. Junior wants to find Lyle and make him suffer because Junior is an idiot. Sam thinks he knows where they can find Lyle. After the failed trial, Julia tries to push blame on Rebecca, saying this all happened because of her. Rebecca breaks down crying, telling Julia that Big Jim lied about Barbie being involved. This makes Julia feel better about Barbie. Julia runs into Phil and argues with him about the situation. She shouts, “Wendell is dead!” which is beyond hilarious. Phil is being a dick about it. Barbie shows up and backs Julia up, relieving Phil from his position as the sheriff. Julia tells Barbie she is sorry for not trusting him and wants him to be the sheriff. He says he isn’t ready.

In order to help the incessantly whiny Melanie find answers, Joe and Norrie take her out to the Dome wall to see if touching it will help. It doesn’t. Meanwhile, Sam and Junior arrive at Lyle’s barbershop. When Junior isn’t looking, Sam plants a picture of Angie/the “Four Hands” under a chair. He finds it in front of Junior, who reveals that Lyle probably killed Angie because she is one of the “Four Hands.” Apparently, Junior’s mother predicted that when the “four hands” of the Dome are gone, the Dome will fall. So, Junior thinks that Lyle is going to try and kill all four of the “hands” to make the Dome go away. He reveals to Sam that he, Norrie, and Joe are the other three. Sam looks creepy and intense. Bad move, Junior.

Back in jail, Big Jim and Rebecca talk about death and such. And Wendell. Rebecca has doubts about science, talking about her change of mind in the church. Maybe there aren’t always answers. Big Jim tells her they have to have each other’s backs. Ex-Sheriff Phil comes in drunk, telling them about Julia. Big Jim immediately throws Rebecca under the bus.

Disappointed from the Dome fail, Melanie, Joe and Norrie argue about the same stuff. Just STAHP. Norrie gets really bitchy, which finally pisses off Joe. He and Melanie march off, where she yaps about the same story (why? who am I? etc). Melanie then kisses Joe in front of Norrie. The two get into a girl fight! Melanie pushes Norrie into a bush. Her arm starts bleeding and that sparks an idea.


Junior is convinced he needs to find and protect Joe and Norrie from Lyle. Sam tells him to calm down and have a drink. Wow, what logical thinking. Sam pretends to drink, getting Junior drunk easily. Oh, stupid, stupid Junior. Meanwhile, things are going great at Mother Theresa, I mean, Julia’s food drive. Barbie, Carolyn, and the whole town seem to be happy and helping out. Barbie finds some empty boxes, but before he can react: explosion!

Barbie plays the savior, helping Julia and others out. Phil accuses Julia of being stupid for not checking the broken generators. He says Big Jim would’ve never let this happen. Everyone is pissed at Julia for reasons that make no sense. Phil is all smug (and not the best actor). Barbie comforts Julia, telling him he suspects foul play. They kiss. Barbie is going to confront Big Jim. Julia watches the nice woman from earlier, Andrea, pass out water. She has an idea.

In the jail cell, Barbie accuses Big Jim of being behind the explosion. Big Jim immediately throws Phil under the bus, using Rebecca as a witness. For once, Rebecca makes a smart decision and lies, not playing into Big Jim’s game. Meanwhile, Phil surveys the wreckage of the explosion, entering a secret locked room where tons of food is stored. Carolyn happens across him and the food, finding the truth. She tries to run away, but they catch her after a struggle.

Joe, Norrie, and Melanie take blood samples to see if there is a difference between Melanie’s blood and Joe’s blood. They need Rebecca’s help though. Meanwhile, Junior is completely drunk. Sam leads him to the couch and apologizes as he grabs a pillow to smother Junior. In a haze, Junior wakes up, saying Sam is the only family he has left and he loves him. This temporarily stops Sam from killing his nephew.

Luckily for hostage Carolyn, Barbie happens upon Phil and his goon. He fights off goon and shoots Phil, saving Carolyn and finding all the food. Julia also finds more food when she questions Andrea about where all the food she is getting is coming from. Andrea reveals her house is full of food thanks to her paranoid husband. She says she trusts Julia.

Sam is upset for almost having killed Junior. He throws the bottle of alcohol against a wall, shattering it and also knocking a picture over. On the back of the picture is a painting of the obelisk from Junior’s dream and the number 1821. The same number of the locker where Angie was killed! They have a lead…

julia 2 5

At the cafe, everyone is happy and partying and listening to jazz, all thanks to Julia and Barbie. Julia brings in Big Jim and Rebecca. She makes a speech about letting go of the past, forgiveness, and rising above and working together to ensure all of their survival. Big Jim then makes a speech about his mistakes, his hopes for the town, and thanking Julia for everything, congratulating her, and shaking her hand. Everyone claps! Julia and Barbie kiss. It seems like Barbie will be taking the role of sheriff. Everyone seems so happy. This can’t last.

After seeing Julia and Barbie kiss, Joe takes Norrie aside and apologizes, saying he loves her, but she does not accept this and walks out on him. Ouch. As Rebecca thanks Julia and Barbie for everything, she is approached by Melanie with a proposition to find out the truth about her. Cut to: Rebecca in the school lab, analyzing Melanie’s blood. She hears banging in the hall and finds Junior and Sam prying open locker #1821. The whole bottom of the locker has been kicked in… it’s a tunnel… but to where? AHHH!!


This show just keeps moving at breakneck speed and I am loving it. No dilly-dallying or time wasting. Hope it keeps up it’s momentum. Let me know in the comments what you think. Where does the tunnel lead? What is the truth about Melanie? Is Big Jim done with is evil ways, again? See you next week!

Under the Dome airs Mondays @ 10/9c on CBS. Watch full episodes online, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.

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