Ding Dong The B**ch is back! Well, the B known as, Katharine Pierce! Now, before we get into this review, let’s take a moment to catch our…okay, now on to the review.


So, remember last week how Katharine supposedly died and the world caught a break? Sorry to say that Katharine isn’t so much dead as she is taking up residence in Elena’s brain. Shocking to no one, Katharine had a scheme to keep herself alive the entire time and completed the traveler’s spell just as Elena was giving her the final lethal dose of morphine. The worst part is, no one but Nadia, and a now compell-able Matt, know the truth.


Meanwhile Damon has buried Katharine’s body, which has hindered Nadia and Katharine’s plan to get rid of Elena once and for all. Always the selfless vampire, Stefan is desperately trying to get Elena and Damon back together if for nothing else but to keep Damon from killing every human being within a 100-mile radius. Once again here comes the problem, Katharine IS Elena now.

At Whitmore College as Caroline does a bit of stress cleaning following her sexcapade with Klaus and then the return of her ex-Tyler, Aaron shows up looking for Elena. He is met with another welcome back, Enzo (his is one face we are super glad to see again). Of course, his plot is to get back at Damon and he shows up at the Salvatore household with a body bag, inside, Aaron. The purpose, Damon has killed every Whitmore family member except Aaron, which he won’t do because Elena would hate him forever.

The Devil Inside

In the mean time it’s party time at Matt/Tyler’s house and the whole gang, including Elena/Katharine, is there. This is the first time Caroline admits to her mistake with Klaus. Of course Katharine sees Tyler and decides to make sure he hears about Caroline’s recent indiscretions. Stefan, swoon, comes to her rescue when Tyler’s anger brings the wolf out in him. This however, isn’t the worst part…Katharine has found her body! Just as the witch working the spell is about to finish, Elena comes out and knocks the witch out and runs for her life, but the witch wakes up and completes her spell showing Elena everything that has happened in Katharine’s life until she runs into Damon’s arms and Elena is no more. Katharine’s first order of business, kill the Delena fans’ spirit by having Damon pour his heart out only to break it.


By the end of the episode we’re left with broken hearts, angry exes and a determined Katharine, who wants nothing more than to get Stefan back. Shall we say, drama? However, we’re not done yet…Enzo and Damon, with nothing left to lose, decide to finish off the Whitmore line! Sorry Aaron, Damon is heartbroken and therefore you are on his hit list. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Evil Damon…oh yeah!!

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