Okay, I feel like it would be dishonest of me not to say up front that I am currently disenchanted with Grimm. Over and over again, they introduce characters and plot-lines that seem really cool and are full of so much potential, and they just drop the ball. I am holding out hope that things will improve with the addition of Alexis Denisof to the cast. With that in mind, let us continue.



NUP_156904_0113First of all, I don’t understand the connection with the quote at the beginning, or the title (I get they wanted to reference “Ungrateful Dead”), but whatevs. (I wonder when Alexis is gonna show up.) This episode was about Nick being a super-strong rogue zombie. “Rogue” in that he can’t be controlled by the voodoo priest. I’m just thankful that his make-up in the actual episode wasn’t as terrible as it was in the promotional shots.

Side note: I found the promotion for this season to be really cheesy and lacking. And while every other show on TV has really cool stickers that make you want to check in with GetGlue, Grimm doesn’t. PR for Grimm: step it up!


Grimm - Season 3Alright, top of the episode! I liked the “15 minutes ago” thing. I thought it was really cute and funny. But we started up before Nick was put into the box. Which was weird, because I was expecting to pick up from the moment after he was put in the box (or possibly with his plane landing?), and I feel like we didn’t need a rehash of events. Am I wrong, or is that what the “previously” is for?

So once we re-establish that Team Grimm has been separated from Nick and that he has been zombified, locked in a box, and about to be shipped to Vienna, I closed Tetris on my phone and started paying attention to the episode again. The story picks up again with Team Grimm fighting off the healthiest looking group of diseased zombies EVAR. (Did the make-up person call in sick?) They end up getting cornered on top of a shipping container, at which point Juliet calls Hank for police back-up. Hank, in turn, tells Seargent Wu to have all available units to get over to the shipping containers.

Meanwhile, Captain Renard finds his way to the shipping containers by tracking his brother and his minions. Which brings us to the best part of the episode when we see the Captain woge and start kicking some ass. To which I say, more Sasha Roiz scenes. Shirtless whenever possible. Have I ever mentioned that the man seems to shimmer in person? *ahem* I digress.

Can I just time out to mention that Portland seems to have an unusually high number of empty shipping containers available? I mean, it was a pretty lucky break to have so many empty ones around to pack all those zombies into. (I’m not even going to talk about how they alluded to multiple shipping containers, but we only saw one.)

Next we have a scene where the voodoo priest talks to a sleeping Nick so that the audience knows that the plan is to transport Nick to a castle. Yep.

Grimm - Season 3Then, even though the Captain has ordered the plane to be grounded, the voodoo priest spits zombie-death-gunk in the cops’ faces and the plane takes off anyway. Team Grimm turns up just in time to watch the take-off, which would have been far more dramatic if Juliet had bothered to look concerned rather than slightly bemused. Then, because getting to see Vienna and the other families and watching Nick trying to get back to Portland is far too interesting an idea, Nick wakes up, zombie-rages Grimm-style, and causes the plane to crash in the forest. He then proceeds to run through the forest, take an exceedingly long time to cross the street to a bar, and kill everyone he can get his hands on. Just your average zombie-rage killing spree for which I’m sure there will be no consequences.

Next, Team Grimm vapor-cures all the rage-zombies in the shipping container and Hank tells Sgt. Wu to get more officers to help restore order. Which is kind of funny since, you know, every available unit is already there per his earlier request. Also, neither Sgt. Wu nor anyone else questions the random people showing up with a magic vapor-cure. But, whatevs! (Where’s Alexis?)

Grimm - Season 3Plotline B of the episode follows Adalind and her trying to regain her powers. The process of which entails her digging a hole in a field of poppies with a giant… hammer? Seriously, gypsy witches? You don’t have a magic trowel for such purposes? Also, there is a really dramatic pouring of sealing wax. Just normal red sealing wax. *shurgs* Which becomes more anti-climactic when gypsy-witch opens the box with absolutely no difficulty and tosses it into a field of poppies. So, understandably, it takes Adalind about half the episode to dig a hole with her hammer. Then she places the dead double-crossing witch’s hands, feet, eyes and still-beating heart (which she was uncharacteristically squeemish about removing) into the hole and re-fills it in a few moments with her hands! So that was half an episode to dig and then… whatevs! (Where’s Alexis?) So a green mist swirls around her and she has to gather up all the dead flowers. Though I’m not sure if this will conclude the power retrieval, or if she’s just been approved for power retrieval.

We end the episode with Monroe leading the search for Nick by tracking his scent. Gee, I wonder if they’re going to catch him and cure him? Probably within the first half of the next episode? Soooo uncertain!

So, I’m sort of looking forward to the next episode, since it can’t possibly get worse than this. …right?

So do you think I’m being too harsh? Was the make-up actually ground-breaking? Are you also eager to see Alexis? Tell me in the comments!

If you missed this episode- and you’re masochistic- you can watch catch the full episode on the NBC website.

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