As you may remember, I totally called it last week on Alice’s message back to Cyrus being intercepted. Which happens to be the basis of this entire episode’s plot. (I’m awesome. I know.) This week, we learn the Knave of Heart’s back story (and why Alice kept calling him Will), that Alice is a skilled and resourceful fighter, and that Cyrus is as clever as he is handsome.



SEAN MAGUIRE, MICHAEL SOCHASo, as with most people in the Once-verse, the Knave and the Red Queen are from a separate world (in this case, the Enchanted Forest) where they have different identities/lives. By the end of the episode, we know that the Red Queen is Anastasia and that Alice keeps mysteriously calling the Knave, “Will,” because that’s his actual name. What we don’t know is how Anastasia wronged Will once they got to Wonderland, or how Will ended up with so much debt to the caterpillar. So we know a bit more about our Will Scarlet (such as his name), but he’s still a man of mystery.

Another thing we learn in this episode is that Cyrus is extemely clever. …It worries me, though. There is such a thing as having a character be too clever. I mean, right now he’s in a cage with no resources (besides awesome origami air delivery service), so he’s very limited in fighting back. But I’m assuming that before season’s end, he’s going to get out of that cage (since it will be rather tedious if he doesn’t) and get reunited with Alice. At which point they’re going to be pretty unstoppable. I mean, Cyrus has now proven he can outwit Jafar pretty easily, so they’re gonna need to step up the big bad ante for me to be worried about them being defeated.

MICHAEL SOCHANext, we find out that it’s the Caterpillar who wants Will’s head because he owes him money. …I thought, especially from the way Will didn’t even want to return to Wonderland, that his crimes were going to be a bit more egregious than a financial debt. I expected that he also did something to the Red Queen- especially once you know she’s Anastasia- and that she would also want his head. Not to mention, the reaction from Silvermist- the fairy scorned- last week. I hope we’re going to see more sins revealed.

Speaking of unexpected reactions, we all noticed how the Red Queen didn’t betray her past with Will, thus making it necessary for Jafar to have to learn more about him from the Caterpillar. It’s interesting that she’s not willing to talk about him. I wonder what’s going to happen with that.


SOPHIE LOWE, MICHAEL SOCHAAnd lastly, please tell me I’m not the only one saying, “What are you doing?!” when Will burned the lasso. I mean, he didn’t have to destroy it for his deed to remain a noble cause. He could have simply handed it to Alice for safe keeping and perhaps sale/bargaining later. That lasso could have come in handy during their adventures. But no. Alice and Will are willing to just burn unique and priceless magical items willy-nilly.

So what did you think of this episode? Do you think the Red Queen still has feelings for Will? Are you also feeling really bad for the Grendle? Let me know in the comments!

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