Unlike Arrow, the CW’s youngest DC show returns from its hiatus stronger, and with more purpose.  Honestly, after watching the promo, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to watch Legends of Tomorrow, I am glad I was so wrong.

*** Spoilers Follow***

LoT 1.9 Ras KendraWhen we last left our Legends, Sara, Ray and Kendra were left in 1958 by the team who were fending off an attack by Chronos.  It is two years before the team returns to our trio who by that time have established lives in 1960.  Kendra and Ray were in a relationship and blending in to their surroundings, while Sara…well, we’ll get to her in a bit.  I am glad this episode showed this aspect without spending very much time on it.  This actually helped develop Ray which has been needed since he started on Arrow.

One of the most interesting characters in “Left Behind” is Chronos.  Legends of Tomorrow 1x09 Left Behind - Mick Rory es ChronosWe know that he is a time bounty hunter in pursuit of what we thought was Rip Hunter, but we find, instead, he came after and captured Snart.  It was guessed before the reveal that Chronos is a future version of Mick Rory after he was left, but not killed, by Leonard.

Interestingly enough, my least favorite character had the best tale to tell after he was stopped by an united Legends squad.  According to Rory, the Time Masters found him, trained him and he willingly came after Rip and our Legends. After all, why wouldn’t Mick see Rip as the person who destroyed his friendship with Snart.  Interestingly enough, the battle between Chronos and our united Legends take place at Ra’s al Ghul’s Nanda Parbat.  Unfortunately, while Ray and Kendra were building a relationship, Sara went to the one place she could still call home, the League of LoT SaraAssassins.  She has walked a fine line between the light and the darkness, but favoring her darkness once more.  Sara is easily my favorite character on Legends and I love her and Snart’s journey to redemption, this week was two steps back.  LoT 1.9 Kendra SaraShe, like Mick, was left behind and when the team came to extract her from Ra’s al Ghul, Sara backed the family she had made over the past two years.

I find that the current Ra’s al Ghul much more human than any other portrayal in the multiverse. He easily could have killed each and every member of the team without Sara even wanting to stop him.  Instead though, he allowed the battle between Kendra and Sara to take place, breaking through to Sara’s fractured humanity.


“Left Behind” has created a whole new storyline for Mick Rory, a team who is wants to undo what the Time Masters did to him, except Cold.  I think he is so hurt seeing his best friend made into the image of Chronos that he doesn’t know how to deal.  Sara will be helping him deal with Rory, as Snart will be helping Sara continue with her own redemption story.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is filled with potential for amazing internal stories with so many of its cast. And now, for the first time, I am excited to see what they will be doing with Heatwave.  Who knows, he may very well be the second smartest person with future tech on the ship.  His journey just became 1,000% cooler.

His journey, and that of all the team, continues Thursday night’s on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

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