Oh boy, get your tissues ready because your Vampire Diaries experience is going to end on a very somber note.


Stefan is completely void of all past memories and Damon has taken it upon himself to help his brother remember who he is, without divulging too much detail. In a typical Salvatore brothers drive the car ends up going speeds that are highly illegal and deadly. Stefan has learned that he is a vampire and one that has been called, “The Ripper.” Meanwhile at Witmore College, Caroline has concocted a devious plan to get into Dr. Maxfield’s class to find out why he covered up her roommate’s death. Of course, Caroline’s plan involves the mysteriously attractive lap assistant, Jessie. Her plan involves bringing Jessie to Mystic Falls’ remembrance day where the entire town rings bells for people who have passed on. As Damon explains the history of Remembrance Day, Stefan struggles with the Ripper inside him as he attacks their innocent human waitress. In all the things that Damon has told Stefan about his life, not once did he mention the love of Stefan’s life, Elena.

Girls get out your fans because it is about to get hot in here as we make our way to the Salvatore home and find a very hot and shirtless Jeremy working out. Bonnie thanks him on behalf of all girls on the other side and we thank him on behalf of all girls everywhere.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Tissue warning, poor Matt is struggling with the fact that his blackouts are making him do things he had no idea he is doing. He begs Jeremy to find Bonnie and ask her to come home and help him. A plea that sadly goes unanswered, as Bonnie is unable to help those she loves the most. Once again we have the urge to jump through our television screens and hug Matt. Thankfully our favorite quarterback has set up a video camera to help unravel his own mystery. The video reveals that he is possessed by a traveler and must protect the dagger he has been carrying around at all costs.

Since Damon has his hands full with being the first person, since Jeremy, to find out about Bonnie’s fate, Elena takes over on ‘Stefan patrol.’ We realize that even without his memories the connection between Stefan and Elena is undeniable. However, it is Caroline who once again gets him under control after he takes a chunk out of her hot date, Jessie.

As the episode wraps up all of Bonnie’s friends are left with a hole in their hearts as they learn of their friends demise and hold an emotional and heartbreaking vigil for their friend. As Bonnie says her goodbyes we welcome back a super sexy, Tyler Lockwood who has come back to pay his respects to his friend and be there for Caroline. In a shocking end of episode scene Dr. Maxfield turns Caroline’s crush into a vampire and we are left scratching our heads as to why.


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