Nick takes on some Wesen that look like Komodo Dragons, all the while struggling to regain his Grimm abilities. Will this finally be the week Nick is back to Grimm form? Find out!



Grimm Nick and Juliette talk to each other and decide they both want Nick to be a Grimm again. Elsewhere, a couple is driving on a scenic route when their vehicle runs over a spiked strip in the road, causing their tires to blow out and they crash through the woods. A truck, that had been following them with their brights on, follows them into the woods and two Wesen get out of the truck and attack the couple. The Wesen kill the man and take his body, but leave the woman.

Elizabeth makes the potion and Juliette breathes it in to become Adalind and help get Nick’s powers back. Nick and Juliette make love and shortly after Juliette collapses in pain, before turning back into her normal-Juliette body. It looks like everyone important now knows that Kelly has Adalind’s baby, and pretty soon people will all be looking for her. Monroe comes over and woges and Nick still doesn’t see anything. Trubel is being watched by Chavez’s people and she slices his tires before riding off on her bike. Trubel sneaks back into the house without being seen and then Josh shows up.

GrimmThe couple from the vehicle, the Turner’s, are found in the woods. The wife, still conscious, tells Hank and Nick about what happened and her husband being taken. Hank finds the spiked strip under the vehicle and Nick says he had a case like this 5-6 years ago. Nick says there was a survivor from the first incident, the victim Jennifer’s sister, Patty. Patty told Nick “monsters”took her sister and brother-in-law. A search-dog found a buried figurine by the first accident, and they think another one may be buried at their new crime scene. Using metal detectors, they find another figurine, so it looks like these accidents are definitely related.

GrimmIt seems like Nick may be slowly getting his powers back; he starts seeing and hearing strange things. Nick and Hank read about the Wesen responsible for this at the trailer based on the image from the figurines. The Wesen is a Phansigar, and has an appearance similar to a Komodo Dragon. Nick takes Monroe with him and Hank to check into their Phansigar problem, while Juliette (with a gun) and Trubel stay at the shop to protect Rosalee. Deputy Ferris, who has been helping with the case, goes to a scrap yard to check into who could have been buying scraps to make the figurines. It turns out the Phansigars own the scrap shop and attack her.

GrimmNick and crew show up at the scrapyard as the Phansigars are about to perform a ritual sacrifice. Nick seems to be going through some sort of pain; it’s probably the Grimm powers trying to break back through. Monroe and Hank are in some trouble, but Nick is MIA as he’s still going through some sort of pain episode. As Nick is about to get attacked by a Phansigar, he gets his Grimm abilities back (yay!). Nick saves the day and they get Mr. Turner and Ferris to safety.

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