Shaw is forced to face some of her demons when she is confronted by the most unlikely opponent, a ten-year-old spy who is determined to shut down the drug trade in her neighborhood. This episode brings Shaw’s backstory and above average amounts of action.


Finch’s new pet project is apparently trying to civilize Shaw, which includes sitting down to proper tea and discussing her bedside manner. Don’t worry Finch; surely Reese will have tea with you, if you ask. Or maybe not, since Reese is having a beer with Carter as he busts her for going after HR without him. The way Reese trusts Carter to call when she really needs help is mirrored very well later in the episode when the tables are turned. Reese is really rubbing off on Carter in the way she sees the world and handles bad guys. Her shoot out in the bar was pretty impressive and she turned her rookie partner exactly how Reese turned Fusco in the pilot. However, the rookie will most likely end up dead or in jail, instead of on the team.


In all the previous episodes with Shaw, the writers have gone out of their way to show how Shaw is a bad-ass.  This is really the first time they have tried to show her human side and get inside her head. Flashbacks achieve this goal with Shaw as a child at the moment she realizes she does not feel emotions like everyone else. She freaks out all the adults when she has no reaction to her father’s death. Flash-forward to current day and the kid says, “I thought you might be a robot.”  While it’s a funny line, it also illustrates how people have perceived Shaw her whole life. The girl opens a crack in Shaw’s persona and it’s revealed that she can feel, but its turned way down. It’s an effort for her to feel any emotions at all. Shaw’s connection with a number was the sign Finch was awaiting. Overall, great look at Shaw as a character and Finch finally accepts her as a real member of the team. About time.

Oh yeah, Root kidnaps Shaw in the last thirty seconds of the episode. Wow, talk about a cliffhanger.

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