True Lies

Whoa! Now that was a lot of, “oh snap,” moments! It amazes me how many shocking moments can be rolled up into one hour-long episode. I mean seriously, the show’s writers are twisted and I love it!


In the second episode of the 5th season of The Vampire Diaries, we find ourselves reliving the pain Bonnie went through as she watched Silas kill her father in front of the whole town. It’s almost as if we are Jeremy sitting on the couch next to her wishing we could hug her. As she often does, Bonnie stays strong and warns Jeremy that no matter what, he cannot let Silas get to Katharine.

Meanwhile Katharine, clearly sick, is once again on the run but has no idea that the entire town is hunting her. Thankfully for her, little does she know, a gorgeous blue-eyed Matt has come to her rescue (though I’m sure all he really wants to do is put her down himself). At Witmore, Caroline and Elena are still trying to figure out what their late roommate knew about the vampires and why she knew Elena’s dad. Of course, they come across a suspicious teacher of applied microbiology, Dr. Wesley Maxfield, a class that Caroline is less than thrilled with taking. Why always the suspicious teachers?

True Lies

Back in Mystic Falls, Damon is still looking for his brother and has enlisted the help of Liz Forbes, the town sheriff, while Jeremy and Matt are trying to keep Katharine alive and keeping Jeremy out of Silas’ sight. However, due to Silas’ compulsion, it seems like there isn’t a single person that isn’t on the lookout for Katharine. According to her she is, “the thing that everyone wants.”

In their applied microbiology class, Elena and Caroline run into their sexy new schoolmate, who has shown quite the interest in Caroline, who despite her relationship status with Tyler, finds herself intrigued by the sexy college boy. This is where things get interesting, when Silas finds Elena and makes her angry with Damon and compels her to kill him. Once the young couple is alone together, Elena forces Damon to drink her former roommates vervain-laced water. He figures out what has happened and after a lot of self-inflicted pain, Elena is able to break the compulsion.

True Lies

Back on the run Jeremy, Katharine and Matt are caught by Silas, who snaps Matt’s neck sending him to the other side where he finds Bonnie. As Jeremy fights Silas in a surprising turn of events Katharine comes to his rescue and once Matt awakes they are able to escape. At the Quarry the safe is found revealing a terrifying sight, Stefan has escaped but he has escaped as, “The Ripper,” the terrifying and inhumane vampire who kills without a thought.  It took a long time for Elena to get Stefan’s humanity back last time he was “The Ripper,” and after a summer of torture there is no telling if and when he will turn his humanity back on.

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