This week’s episode seems to be the polar opposite of the last, with a much more complicated case. Everyone still pitched in to figure out if the number (Kruger) was going to be the victim or perpetrator. On an interesting note the Machine was frantically adjusting its calculations on Kruger as the episode progressed as well.


The episode opened with a great call back having Shaw trying to track Finch. It’s straight out of season one, but this time around, Reese got to smugly smirk at Shaw as she fails. The dynamic between the two continues to be funny as they push each other’s buttons.


Instead of splitting everyone up into teams like last week, Finch oversaw the moving parts of this new expanded team. Reese watched from the outside while Shaw went under cover in the company Kruger owned. Fusco got desk duty this week and Bear chewed up a guy’s leg that dared to lay a hand on Finch.

What made Kruger one of the more interesting numbers is that he is not a nice person and as his life spirals out of control his dark side comes more to the fore. The best exchange of the episode is Shaw questioning if the guy is worth saving and Finch responding, “that’s not a question we entertained when we saved you.”  Ouch. That has a double meaning since Team Machine helps people without judging them though that is something Finch has had to work on. Also, it reminds Shaw she can be considered worse than Kruger if you take into account all the people she has killed.

Carter continues with her own storyline attempting to figure out who killed Beecher, but unfortunately comes to the attention of the head of HR, Quinn (i.e. the guy that killed Beecher). That is not going to be good for Carter. She also is training a new rookie, but frustration with her new duties is really getting to her. It was interesting to have the rookie stand up for himself and remind her of who she is at the end. Nicely done.

Ultimately, the team fails to save Kruger as they are outsmarted by a new group that is waging an ideological war against anyone abusing people’s privacy. Kruger was an example, but is only the first victim. Are they the villians of the season? Looks like we have to stay tuned.

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