This week’s episode featured a much awaited reunion between two fan favorite characters!  The journey in the Underworld, or as Regina dubbed it “Underbrooke,” continues with the search for Hook.  This week Emma gets some help from an unexpected source, Milah – Rumpel’s ex-wife and Hook’s ex-lover.  Juicy!

***** SPOILERS BELOW *****

It’s always interesting to get a glimpse into what’s going on in the mind of Rumpel, and this week we get just that.  Viewers have seen flashes in the past of Rumpel and his ex-wife Milah’s tenuous relationship, and this week we get a huge reveal of what ultimately lead to its demise.  The episode begins with Rumpel getting clearly freaked out after looking at Belle through some crystal ball he’s gotten his hands on.  It’s all a bit odd, and at that point we just have to kind of shrug and wait to get more information on what’s up there.

CVJZT1kWwAAEfCiMeanwhile, Regina is off to find her closure in the form of finding out whether her first love, Daniel, is in the Underworld.  She gets some help from an old friend, Cruella! Always great to see more Cruella, if you ask me.  Cruella tells Regina that you can tell based on the headstone in the cemetery whether a person is in the Underworld, or gone to a better/worse place.  With this information in mind, Regina seeks out Daniel’s grave with a little help from her current BFF Snow (love the current vibe between those two).  Thankfully, it turns out Daniel is happy and in a better place!  It’s hinted that with this information in mind, Regina can finally move on.  With Robin, maybe? Personally, not his biggest fan, but whatever.  As long as Regina is happy, I’ll try to be happy for her – she deserves it!

sneakfeatureAfter Rumpel finds Milah in the Underworld to ask for her help, we get a number of flashbacks revealing what caused the ultimate breakdown of their relationship.  While they were bickering, Bae gets bitten by a poisonous snake. Long story short, they find a healer who offers to save Bae with magic/some potion.  Instead of killing the healer like Milah wants him to, he makes a deal giving the healer his 2nd born child.  Milah is furious and basically done with him at this point, especially after meeting the charming Hook in the pub.

la-et-st-scenes-from-once-upon-a-time-season-5-041In present time, Milah agrees to help Rumpel and Emma get to Hook.  Captain Swan fans everywhere rejoice, when Emma and Hook, in fact, are finally reunited with Milah’s help.  They also seemingly have transport back to Storybrooke in the form of an Underworld boat.  However, while Milah and Rumpel are waiting for the couple to return, Hades shows up to the party.  Hades basically tells Rumpel to kill Milah and destroy the boat and he will send him back up to Storybrooke, without his friends.

In what was a surprise to no one I’m sure, Rumpel lives up to his scumbag reputation and does as Hades requests.  So, our heroes are stuck in the Underworld for the moment.  Rumpel gets his karma pretty quickly though, when Hades tells him that he has taken over the contract for his 2nd born child from the healer that Rumpel had later killed as the Dark One.  In a shocker, Hades reveals that he knows why Rumpel was so shocked upon looking into the crystal ball. Belle is pregnant!! Hades says Rumpel is now basically under his command until he says otherwise.  Sucks to be Rumpel right now!

I’m loving the 2nd half of season 5, so far.  What do you think?  Comment below!

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