First up is Paul Wesley, discussing what is in store for Stephan and his relationship with Elena in the new season.  (And apologies for the audio glitches as I switched microphones.  Um, just stare at Paul and ignore the fumbling sounds.)

Paul Wesley


Next we have a few words from the lovely Nina Dobrev.  The challenge of playing two different characters will intensify for her this season since Catherine made her shocking return in the first season’s finale.


Nina Dobrev


The always dynamic Ian Somerhalder talks about what is in store for his character, Damon, and the impact of Catherine’s return on the brothers Salvatore in the sophomore season of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES on The CW.  And he adds a shout out to his favorite pizza place, too.


Ian Somerhalder


An instrospective Steven R. McQueen shares his thoughts on the development of his character, Jeremy, on the show.


Steven R. McQueen


The new season of THE VAMPIRE DIAIRIES premieres tonight on The CW at 8:00pm (EST) and is followed by the premiere of new show NIKITA.  Don’t forget to come back after watching and let us know what you thought!


Oh, and I promise to work on getting better audio in the future!

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