For the first time, the best in indie-made comics, fan experiences, and products will be honored in Los Angeles, along with Seth Green giving Stan Lee the Lifetime Achievement Award

The first Geekie Awards will be held August 18th at the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood, California. Created by Kristen Nedopak, best known for the Skyrim Parodies and Think Hero TV, the awards honor the most talented independent creators, artists, and filmmakers in the geek genre.  It will be broadcast live on the internet.

“This is a show for geeks, by geeks and a true celebration of up-and-coming, talented artists. As an independent creator, I know all about hard kristen nedopakwork, sleepless nights, and the rejection artists deal with to get their careers off the ground. This show is a perfect example of that”, Nedopak says. “A year ago it was a concept in my head, but with passion, determination and the help of an amazing team of people, sponsors who are willing to take the risk and support the vision, and all of ourGeekies loving fans and nominees, we’re going to pull off the biggest first year award show ever. Our judges and presenters are coming on board as established creators, talent and geeks. They stand for everything our award nominees and audience look up to, and I can’t thank them enough for their faith and participation in this inaugural event. Of course, we are so excited to give Stan Lee our very first Lifetime Achievement Award too! He’s has been and always will be a huge inspiration to so many creators, and he deserves the highest honor we can give. We are creating something epic here, and it makes me giddy to see how excited everyone is to take part of history in the making,”

Nine major awards will be presented honoring comics, podcasts, special projects, online stores, games, web series and short films. The list of nominees is found here.

Dark Horse’s Husbands comic book series (by Jane Espenson and Brad Bell), featuring Brady and Cheeks in fantastic situations, has been nominated in the Comic Books and Graphic Novels category. It has already been honored for Best Writing and Best Original Concept.

Some of the nominees may be of interest to many people, such as short films showing Stan Lee “doing” parkour and The Walking Dead Christmas Special, impressive pumpkin carvings showing scenes from The Lord of the Rings, web series like The Legend of S.T.E.A.M, and projects funded through crowd-funding.

Stan Lee, comic book legend. image:c_stan-lee1)The highlight of the awards show will be Stan Lee receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award for his legendary career in Marvel Comics and Pow! Entertainment. “I am excited to be honored with the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award by The Geekie Awards”, he says. “I guess one can say I have been known to be ‘geekie’ but to honor me with the first ever award is extraordinary! Thank you to Kristen Nedopak and her entire team for choosing me.”

Presenters confirmed to date include: Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica), Grant Imahara (Mythbusters), Brea Grant (Dexter, Heroes), Kevin Shinick (MAD, Robot Chicken), Andrew Bowen (Rock Jocks, MAD), Winner Twins (award winning sci-fi authors), Ashley Esqueda (host of Techfoolery), Bonnie Burton (Star Wars Craft, Geek DIY), and Stephanie Thorpe (ElfQuest).

Tickets are available for the Geekie Awards, and more details are expected soon. Visit for more information.

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