The Original family has always been at the top of the food chain, but after one spell, that’s all changed. Can the invincible family actually be killed now?

***** Spoilers Below ******

Things are looking very gloomy for almost everyone on The Originals right now. Is there even any hope to hold on to? I’m a bit relieved that Freya is okay, for the moment, at least.

OR317B_0004bThis was a very intense episode between Lucien doing the spell to make himself able to kill an original, to Hayley and Klaus finding those tortured wolves, to Davina discovering Kol is cursed.

Let’s start with Lucien. He’s had it in for his master for almost a thousand years. I’m not really surprised. I mean Klaus did teach him to be the way he is. Klaus would do the exact same thing. And as for Aurora, well, any one who has been with Klaus is messed up a little bit afterwards, just ask Cami. Klaus is not an easy guy to be in love with.

It’s going to be hard to hide with two of them running around being able to kill them. Lucien is pretty smart, being able to figure out how to do the spell. I guess a thousand years of hating someone can make you do anything you need to do.

Lucien, Freya and Vincent were incredible in the scene where Vincent did the spell. Freya looked absolutely terrified. She cares so deeply for her family, even if she didn’t get to grow up with them. Vincent was trying his best to fight back. Lucien was just being a great villain.

I loved that Matt made an appearance. Once again, he was helping vampires. Of course, there was two humans involved, so that’s probably how he justified it. Still, for as much as he hates vampires, he finds himself in their business way too much.

Hayley and Klaus are working a little too well together. Not that they were ever really a thing, but it’s nice that they can work together. He’s never really been in touch with his wolf side. He’s always more embraced his vampire side. Maybe that’s what Hayley does for him, helps him remember he is a wolf, too.

Those poor wolves had to be subjected to torture so Lucien could have venom from all seven packs. There has to be a cure, though, right? I remember Bonnie saying there’s always a loophole to spells. What’s this loophole? That’s where Freya should start.

If things couldn’t get any more intense, Vincent and Davina are about to take on the ancestors. That’s a pretty big power to take on that you always just assumed was good, but they’re not. They’re not really evil either.

Davina will do anything to help Kol, so I’m sure she will be on board to take down the ancestors. At least it’s not Kol’s lack of control that’s making him like this, it’s just magic.

I’m not sure which storyline I’m more excited/scared to see play out. The Originals is getting so good! The intensity is rising with each episode and it’s probably all leading to an explosive season finale. Let’s just hope they don’t kill off anymore people this season.

How do you think the Original family can take out Lucien and Aurora? Do you think Davina and Vincent can take out the ancestors for good? Let me know in the comments below.

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