Nerd HQAfter meeting thousands of people at a time at two Friday panels at Comic-Con, he enjoys an intimate discussion with 250 people at Petco park Saturday morning. He talks about Agents of SHIELD, female heroines, what Whedonverse character he’d like to be, and what role he’d play on Castle…


Joss’ panel was one of the fastest-selling panels at Comic-Con, selling out within minutes. He’s had a good year with Much Ado About Nothing earning four million dollars worldwide, and the surprise showing of the Agents of SHIELD pilot getting a big response.

Nathan Fillion hosted for Zachary Levi, who is resting his voice in preparations for a Broadway musical called First Date. This is a summary of what happened since the panel itself is included.

It started with an interesting question about how the women of Firefly maintained their sexuality without being sexualized. Joss pointed out with Inara, for example, that, despite that she was a Companion, she was a powerful person, that was respected by the men in that show.

He also said that while Kevin Fighe was the “captain” of the Marvel Movies Ship of State, Joss is there to steer Fighe’s vision. He will have a say on what happens when Phases 2 and 3 arrive.

He was asked what’s in his “bucket list”. He did consider playing third base for the Mets, but he’d really like to consider creatnig a ballet, and that would involve piano lessons, Broadway is a possibility, but he’d really would like to be a Renaissance Man. “I don’t think I’ll ever be greatat anything,” he said, “but I’d realy like to be really good at everything.”

He was also asked what character from all his shows he’d like to be, and what inspires him. Then someone dressed as the Phantom of the Paradise asked him why he’s known for killing off devoted characters. After wondering why that fan wasn’t writing songs for Jessica Harper, Joss says he shouldn’t be criticized for that.
He may have a point, especially after the Red Wedding, or Daenerys’ Astapor barbecue, on Game of Thrones.

He discussed the success of Dr. Horrible, and how it changed entertainment, his acting role on Husbands, and why he likes to use British actors on his shows. Someone also suggested that if Nathan can’t be in Avengers 2, why not have Joss on Castle? Nathan liked that idea a lot, and suggested Joss could be a dead hobo…killed by Alan Tudyk (if you saw Serenity, you may know why)

There was also some discussion about Agents of SHIELD, mainly about the return of one character from The Avengers, and what other Marvel characters may show up. He also speculated on what happened to Whisky at the end of Dollhouse: she woke up, and had a happy life in a place called Messina. (Hint: The actress who played Whisky is somewhere in Much Ado About Nothing).

Here’s the full panel


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