The man who created this amazing ride of a show, Eric Kripke, may have stepped down as showrunner but he is still invested in continuing the great story of the brothers Winchester and their fight against the big bads of the world.


Eric Kripke


An animated Ben Edlund shares his excitement about telling the Supernatural story after the apocalypse, investigating the underlying truth of monsters and bringing back a certain angel named Castiel.

Ben Edlund


Sera Gamble is taking on the role of showrunner and is more than ready to steer the ship.  She talks with us about what happens after the dust settles from the apocalypse, getting the show back to its roots of hunting monsters and getting into the origins of those monsters.  There will also be more family for the brothers Winchester and we all know how those boys are about family.

Sera Gamble


The season premiere of SUPERNATURAL airs this Friday at 9/8c on The CW.


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