Psych: The Musical!

If you’re a fan of USA network’s Psych, then you loved SDCC this year. Not only did they have their usual (packed) SDCC panel on Fri, but this year saw the addition of a “Conversation For a Cause” event at Zachary Levi’s NerdHQ  as well as a midnight screening of “Psych: The Musical”, a special episode that will air on USA on Dec 15.

psych the musical

On Wed — considered Preview Night — USA Network reserved all the screens of the Gaslamp Reading  theatre for this event so there was plenty of room for all the “Psychos”, as the fans are called. I managed to get in line for the midnight musical around 5:30 PM and by then the lines at the theatre in downtown SD went around the entire block more than once.  We actually had a hard time finding the end of the line as it overlapped with the front of the line!  USA Network went all out to make the screening all about the fans.  The outside of the theatre was Psyched-out in custom panel posters of the cast members in various dance poses.  And the swag! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so much swag for one event quite like this.  Every hour the Psych Team on roller skates (old school skates, mind you, not trendy roller blades) came down the line handing out – and sometimes just tossing in the air to the fans – swag. Early birds got foam pineapples and VIP wrist bands to the largest theatre inside, which progressed to green party bead necklaces, Gus alias buttons (multiple names), Psych wrist slap bands, foam microphones, and probably more that I’ve forgotten already!   At about 11:00 two Wienermobiles came around the corner and when fans realized the cast members were in them, the shouts and cheers went up and cameras began flashing. They rode around the block twice waving to the fans, then got out and proceeded to walk the line taking pictures, signing autographs and just generally impressing the fans with their awesomeness.  😉

Once they let us in the theatre doors, we were handed Psych lanyards with special badges on them. Each badge had the SDCC Psych: the Musical logo, and the back was individual images of the same dance poses as the panel posters outside. We were then directed to the theatres they indicated and as we passed by concessions we received free popcorn and Coke. And yes, the popcorn bags were P:TM themed with the dance images of James and Dulé on either side.  I’ve never wanted to keep an empty popcorn bag so much.  When we were in our theatres and seated, the Psych Team (sans roller skates) came in and started tossing Nestlé movie-size candy at us all.  Everyone had a chance to get at least one box, if not more (they had a lot!). Then they came in again and tossed out USA Network Psych sunglasses.  About 15 to midnight, I was reading tweets that Dulé, James and the others had started coming into the rooms to speak for a bit and intro the film.  At just after midnight, James, Maggie and Corbin came into ours. They had some P:TM exclusive t-shirts to toss out — but only a few (man, they would have been the piece de resistance but sadly I didn’t get one) — and when those were done, they spoke a few words about how happy they were that the fans were so loyal and hoped we enjoy the show.

When the film was over – and it was VERY good – we all left the theatre exhausted but super happy. I noticed they had a giant foam pineapple at the top of the stairs in the theatre but was too blur to think about going to get a pic with it.

All in all, an incredible experience for the fans and I give major props to USA Network for showing – and showering – the fans with Psych love!!

Psych: The Press

On Friday morning James, Dulé, Creator/Showrunner Steve Franks, Co-Exec Producers Kelly Kulchak and Chris Henze appeared at NerdHQ for their “Conversation For a Cause” hosted by Zac Levi. The panel is available for live streaming on a number of sites, and if you haven’t seen it yet, please check it out. At the very least you get to hear Dulé declare that “black don’t crack”, and he sings a wee bit as well.

I was unable to attend the actual SDCC Psych panel which I do regret: Not only did James and Dulé both sing together, but attendees received special P:TM t-shirts with the cast images on a mock up Playbill.  Again, USA network bringing the swag to the fans!

The reason I couldn’t attend the panel was because I was instead attending the media round table for the show. I have to admit up front that this was the most boisterous, frenzied one I’ve covered! The red carpet side of the room was a flurry of flash bulbs and video cameras, 3 and sometimes 4 people deep. It was hard to see who was actually in front of the mics and lenses doing the talking. And over at the 6 full round tables we had the cast and creators playing musical chairs in groups of 2 and 3. The clips are below although it’s often hard to hear some of the questions (Sorry, I’m used to press rooms where the roundtables are carried out in more hushed, conversational voice, but this thing was a party!)  If you like the show then you’ll probably be amused, and since the entire thing was just a joyous celebration of the show, I had to just laugh and go with it.  Also, I did request and get a Gus-Shawn fist bump, so I feel I achieved that greatness.



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