cci_logoIt’s said that clothes make the man, but they also make the super-hero, too. That’s especially true in the movies and on television. Fans of fashion will learn a lot this year at Comic-Con, and maybe get some surprises, too.



The Costume Designers Guild, IATSE Local 892, will return to Comic-Con and host special panels on how costume designers create clothes for major blockbusters and TV shows. Attendees who are more interested in suits, capes and the right cloth and colors than the heroes who wear them should learn a lot here. The Guild has been holding these panels for the past eight years

The first panel on Friday July 19th is called “Welcome To The New Age” in Room 24ABC starting at 5:30pm.  It will show how designersMarvel hero costumes have to make costumes that not only match the characters who wear them, but also blend in with CGI and digital effects. The panel includes:

Keith Christianson (Man of Steel, Star Trek)
Phillip Boute Jr. (Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Man of Steel)
Constantine Sekeris (Star Trek, G.I. Joe: Retaliation)
Alan Villanueva (Oz, the Great & Powerful, Enders Game, Defiance)
Christian Cordella (Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier, Oblivion, 300: Rise of an Empire)

On the 20th, the Guild will host a second panel called “Poppin’ Some Tags” at Room 24ABC starting at 4:30pm. Designers will reveal their biggest secrets on how they come up with the fashions that are part of Hollywood’s biggest films. This panel features:

Trish Summerville (Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
Gary Jones (Oz, the Great & Powerful)
Christine Bieslin-Clark (TRON, Watchmen, 300)
Isis Mussenden (Wolverine, Chronicles of Narnia)
Mayes Rubeo (WWZ, Avatar)

The moderator will be actor Ron Perlman, best known for Hellboy and Sons of Anarchy, and who will be seen in the film Pacific Rim.
After both panels, fans will get a chance to get autographs from the designers.

Not only that, some lucky fans will attend an industry mixer on Friday July 19th starting at 7 PM in the Grand Horton Hotel. It’s co-sponsored by the ABC Studios Costume Department and Western Costume Company. Tickets will be given out in a drawing. More information is available at the Costume Designers Guild’s Facebook page or on Twitter at @local892. The panelists will also be walking the halls through Comic-Con weekend looking for interesting and unique home-made costumes. Again, more details are available at the guild’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

The weekend will be climaxed by the annual Comic-Con Masquerade on July 20th at Ballroom 20. Top Costume Designers from the guild will judge and present prizes to their favorite entries for “Outstanding Costume”.  Prizes include a custom designed CDG Favorite Entry trophy, a VIP behind the scenes tour on the set of the show Sons of Anarchy followed by lunch, a subscription to ‘Costume Designer’ magazine, and a $200 gift certificate from International Silks & Woolens.

To learn more, visit this link at the Costume Designers Guild website.

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