This is the universe, without the Doctor.

This week’s episode shows the BBC can really keep secrets about what Flux is really all about. People expected an episode with no Doctor until the very end. She’s actually featured in the episode, and gets a lot of answers about Division. She also finds out who the old woman she met two weeks ago really is.
That’s only the beginning. Yaz, Dan and Jericho are still stuck in the early 20th Century, but make some interesting discoveries.
A familiar bad guy plays the long con within UNIT to set up a very nasty plan.
But will Bel ever find Vinder?


It opens with with the Doctor breaking free of being a Weeping Angel, although the others claim they own her. That changes when an Ood suddenly transports her to a strange ship. It’s piloted by the same old woman from episode three who claimed the Flux was the Doctor’s fault. That isn’t true, though.

They are in between universes and this woman (Barbara Flynn) says Universe One (namely hours) must die and the next one should take over. She also says that Division was originally made by Gallifrey to protect the galaxy. It soon got out of hand when they decided to interfere with the supposedly dumber civilizations. Eternals, they’re not.
Eventually, Division interfered with everything with everyone. It even started the Flux to dispose of our universe.
The woman also had to “fight a virus”, namely the Doctor. It seems morality, conscience and basic caring about others really conflicts with Division.
So, Division plans to dispose of our universe to die, and start all over in the next one.

The bigger bombshell is the old woman is the Doctor’s adoptive mother, Tecteun! She explains what happened in “Timeless Children”, where the Doctor was found near a wormhole. The Doctor says it’s not certain she was moved out of that spot or was about to be brought back. It is revealed she came from Universe 2. Tecteun suggests the Doctor join her in the next universe, but she rejects that quickly.

What about Yaz, Jericho (Kevin McNally) and Dan? Their part of the story would make a great spinoff, traveling the world to find artifacts and solve mysteries. Yaz finally shows herself as a real leader, as they hope to find out how the Flux will destroy the Earth. They know it’ll happen on December fifth. Any guesses on which year?
Yeah, like immediately.

The best part is when they find a holy man who’s a bit snarky, but also tells them “Fetch Your Dog”. They soon figure out it means painting a really large message to Karnavista that he can read from space. He does, but he can’t travel in time. He’s also trying to keep the Earth shield going, but he’s missing a ship.
It’s the one Bel (Thaddea Graham) has, and he pulls it back. Too bad, because she was close to finding Vinder (Jacob Anderson). He finds out how Swarm and Azure are killing people with Flux power to “connect” with someone.
Vinder winds up in a Passenger, which means an endless prison. He also finds Dan’s friend, Diana. She is glad to see Vinder…and his gun.

The most interesting part of the episode is the return of the Grand Serpent, who is now called Prentis (Craig Parkinson). He’s trying to worm his way into UNIT, and does a very sneaky way of doing it. He also removes opposition by killing them with (what else) serpents. So, how did he get to the 1960’s? More on this later.

Then we find out the truth about Williamson (Steve Oram), who suddenly shows up then disappears at the boat where Yaz, Dan and Jericho are. They head to Liverpool to find the tunnels he had been digging. When Yaz finds Williamson and asks him if his tunnels are actually time tunnels, he is glad someone else knows.
He’s set up several portals, but they keep changing thanks to the Flux. He emphasizes Door 9 is forbidden for some reason.

The episode is probably the most action-packed one yet, and a great performance by Jodie Whittaker. The way she expresses how the Doctor finds out her life has been a lot different than she though is incredible. This series will make her one of the top classic Doctors.
Mandip Gill is also great as she finally gets a steady leadership role. It’s been a long time coming.

So, where do we stand?

First, Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) is on to Prentis/Grand Serpent back in 2017, and says he better stop whatever he’s planning. After almost getting killed by a bomb, she tells Osgood she’ll be hiding for a while. She should be back, along with Osgood.
Prentis really had a deal for massive invasion…by the Sontarans. Not only that, they’re coming in all time zones again. That’s how he came to Earth from another time. They’re also attacking Yaz and Dan in 1904.

Then, the Doctor discovers a device that reveals all of her past lives. Tectuen has an offer: join Division or fail to save Universe One. She later amends this to protecting the Earth, but that’s also rejected.
The Doctor knows Tecteun wants to destroy all of Universe One except the Earth. The survivors head there, and fight it out for supremacy. That’s bad news for humans.

It’s a moot point, because Swarm and Azure arrive at Tecteun’s ship and promptly kill her. They plan to destroy our universe, and attack the next one, and everything else. As for the Sontarans, they’ll be dealt with, too.
First, they’re about to kill the Doctor.
Of course, they won’t. Swarm’s luck is about to run out, since the journey to the next universe has been rough on the ship. It’s likely he won’t get the chance, but he’ll try again.
As for Bel and Vinder, they must reunite. It’ll be a bit tricky how it’ll be done, but this is true love we’re talking about.
The big finish arrives next week.

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