SaturnAward_01Even though everyone is looking towards the Oscars, there’s another awards show that will draw interest for sci-fi and horror fans: The Saturn Awards. The nominations are out, and Joss Whedon’s two movies in 2012 are in the mix for big awards.

The Avengers received six nominations, including Best Director and Writing for Joss, Best Sci-Fi Film, Clark Gregg for Best Supporting  Actor, and nominations for Best Special Effects and Editing. Whedon’s other movie, The Cabin In The Woods, will be competing for Best Horror Film or Thriller.  What’s interesting is that Argo and Zero Dark 30 are also competing for that honor.
He and director Drew Goddard are also competing for Best Screenplay for Cabin, along with Quentin Tarantino for Django Unchained.

Among all of the nominated movies, The Hobbit got the most nominations with nine, followed by Life of Pi with eight and Skyfall with seven. In the television categories, Fringe got the most with six, Dexter with five,  and four shows with four nominations:  Breaking Bad,  Revolution, Falling Skies, Leverage and The Walking Dead.

The entire list is located here, but you can join the Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror Films at to have a chance to vote on your favorites. The winners will be announced in June

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