Ok, there weren’t really rage zombies. But they looked like rage zombies. And they kind of functioned like rage zombies. In fact, maybe they should have been rage zombies. But they were infected Wesen. Let’s talk about the episode.

I said there would either be a ton of fighting or a ton of information, and we got information. So maybe we’ll see a ton of fighting in the next episode? (I hope.) But let’s process the new facts.

So Prince Renard does not want anyone coming after his Grimm ’cause it would ruin everything he and Deep Throat have been working for (whatever that means). Seriously, what’s the station of the guy Renard keeps talking to. I don’t think he’s another prince unless he’s from one of the other families. And what are they working for? Are they planning some kind of coup? And what do they need Nick for?

Since the prince wants Nick alive (at least for now) and can’t reveal his identity, he tells Nick to be on his guard and to keep his eye out for a white guy. (Which I think is funnier than when the key evidence was boots or when it was a red shirt.) Now, personally, if I were Nick I would always be on my guard since the families have started sending assassins. But Nick is not I, and so he is not always on his guard and doesn’t notice the Nuckelavee following him around town. The question of course being whether the Nuckelavee followed him when he visited creepy Aunt Marie’s trailer. Which I guess I should just start calling Nick’s trailer since Marie has been dead for about six months now.

I’m gonna time out to mention that we now know that Nick was 12 when his father died 18 years ago (on March 24,1994), which makes him exactly 30 years old. Just wanted to show off about how accurate my approximation math ended up being. Anywho…

Juliette, who is desperately trying to remember Nick, calls Monroe to try to help jog her memory. Does anyone else find this weird? ‘Cause if I had to pick who she’d call it would be Hank, who she’s known for years, rather than Monroe who she’s met a handful of times (if we assume there have been times since the dinner) over the past couple of months. And because she remembers Bud (the refrigerator repair guy) and his weird reactions to Nick, she invites him over. He lets it slip that Nick is a Grimm, but, considering it’s Bud, plays it off rather well when he figures out she doesn’t know. So we’ll see if Juliette can get Nick to fess up faster this time around.

And can I also just say, that if I woke up not remembering that I was completely in love with a seriously hot guy that everyone says is awesome, I might try to spend more time with him and maybe get to know him a second time? I just don’t understand her stand-offishness.

Speaking of Hank, he’s still adjusting to the fact that the world is full of beasties he can’t see. And he is officially initiated into Team Grimm. It’s gonna be interesting, the other three always having to tell Hank whether or not he’s looking at a Wesen.

And speaking of the dynamics of Team Grimm, Monroe thought that Nick killed Rosalee (ya know, the woman he’s falling in love with) and while he’s upset, he’s not exactly grief struck or anything. Instead of being rather devastated, he seems mildly annoyed, like his next question was going to be, “Where are we supposed to hide the body?” Granted, his hands start shaking a moment later, but his first reaction was as Grimm Deputy.

Now you may have noticed at this point that we haven’t really talked about Nick. But really, what is there to say? He’s sad about Juliette, but he’s still a stoic and bad-ass Grimm. *shrugs*

I am glad that they acknowledged that we don’t know what the beasties see or how they detect that Nick is a Grimm. Though I don’t understand why Nick hasn’t just asked Monroe by now.

What have we learned?: Captain Renard is plotting against the families and is protecting Nick so that he can use him later. Juliette is already learning Nick’s secrets. And Nick’s parents’ names were Kelly and Reed. Well, Nick’s mother’s name still is Kelly since she’s not dead after all.

What’s going to happen?: Nick’s mom and the coins are gonna show up in an episode or so I reckon. Either that or some of her handiwork (aka dead bodies) will show up. Both Nick and Prince Renard want Adalind dead, so that’ll probably happen in a few episodes from now. Nick will finally get around to the process of elimination game to figure out who else in Portland knows he has the key (remember, his mom pointed this out to him?). And we still have to assume that the “he” who is “close” to Nick that the Mellifer Queen Bee (remember her? Dying words coulda been better?) warned him about is Prince Renard. Perhaps Nick’s mother is a Grimm who’s working for one of the families come to get the Grimm that chopped off those Reaper’s heads. Since if you’ll remember, she didn’t know that he was the one who killed those Reapers until he told her so. And Juliette is going to figure out Nick is a Grimm before she remembers she’s in love with him.

Do you think Nick is Prince Renard’s secret weapon? Will killing Adalind restore Juliette’s memory? Why isn’t anyone trying to come up with a brew to counteract the memory spell? Let me know your opinion in the comments.

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