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I haven’t seen the film as I wasn’t able to go last night premiere but everyone says it is extremely hard to talk about without spoiling. Joss said he loves stories like that, loves being surprised by movies. He also said that Lionsgate is doing a good job promoting the film without giving up the game.



Joss said he loved the fast pace of the shoot and that it felt more like a tv shoot than any film he has worked on, with the writing and directing happening at the same time.

Joss wanted to take the heroes in Avengers and put them through their paces, see what they could. He said he’s been a bit dissatisfied with the post-modern superhero movies of late, movies such as the Watchmen and the Dark Knight, where everything is dark and psychological. He said he wanted to make a movie where heroes kick ass.

He said a major appeal for him working on Avengers was telling the story of this dysfunctional group of heroes that have come together to save the world. As we all know, Joss loves his teams: the Scoobies, the Angel Investigations gang, the crew of Serenity, and later on in the talk he mentioned that he even sees Much Ado About Nothing as a team story.

He wouldn’t reveal who the baddies are in Avengers, though he did joke that they’re totally the Vulcans. He said that they are not the Avengers traditional alien enemies the Kree or the Skrulls and that the trailers are avoiding be specific in that area.


Bellewether and other projects

Talk then turned to Joss’ new production company, Bellewether. Besides Much Ado About Nothing, filmed over a week long break from Avengers, Joss is directing a new film titled In Your Eyes. He’s also starting work on a web series called Wastelanders, which promises too much Dr. Horrible and will, sadly, not contain singing. No word on whether Dr. H 2 is in the works. There is much on the plate with Dark Horse and the Buffyverse comics. Besides the current titles there is a Drusilla series and a Willow miniseries on the way.


Still Flying? Finally Adam asked the perennial question, "Will Serenity ever fly again?" Joss said that while he would never rule it out, at some point you have to stop sitting by the phone waiting for it ring.


While the shiniest ship in the ‘Verse may be in an indefinite holding pattern, It sounds like Joss has a big year planned for us Whedon faithful. I, for one, can’t wait to see what the master has in store for us!

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