The writers and actors seemed to be completely at ease as well. Knowing that they were surrounded only by people who were there to see only them gave them the ease to have some of the most conversational Q&A sessions I have ever attended. Most times you can tell the actors are "on" and trying to put on a show for the audience while also trying not to say something wrong or embarrassing. And while by no means were they boring (actually they were a riot), it felt more like they were joking and telling stories with friends than worrying about how they might appear (other than being mindful of spoilers, of course).  It allowed the writers to give the kinds of tangent riddled answers that fans love to soak in and that moderated panels discourage. It allowed us to learn that Seamus Dever was once an improperly licensed driver who met Rick James, and that Tamala Jones does an hilarious Diana Ross impression. It allowed for Jon Huertas to feel comfortable enough to walk through the audience demanding questions from random people. Which also led to funny moments where the people caught off guard who were desperately grasping at the first question to come to mind asked things like, "What’s your middle name?" Jon has two. William and Scott. 

The con had tiered passes, and although my press pass didn’t get me in to the "gold" or "VIP" level meet and greet, photo sessions, and luncheon, neither I nor lower tiered guests seemed to be bothered with the limited access. While meet and greets were going on, they had trivia games that included audio/visual clues and prizes. Besides, the gold and VIP members will never know about "Red Jacket," "Pink Shirt," or "The Hat" also known as "Tuesday." And it was only due to the small, intimate nature of this con that such inside jokes were possible. 

In between the Q&A sessions and trivia games, there were auctions. Among the items being auctioned were scripts signed by Terri Miller, promotional pictures and stand-ups signed by the entire cast, and a lunch with creator/producer/writer Andrew Marlowe and producer/writer Terri Miller. 

I must admit, full disclosure, I am not the biggest Castle fan. Not that I don’t appreciate it, I just had a full TV schedule when it started. I have attended panels and had fans try to "sell me" on other shows before with no effect. However, after the Castle Convention, I can say without hesitation that I’ll be spending my free time in the immediate future getting caught up on Castle. The passion of the writers, actors and fans is overwhelming. You can’t help but fall in love with the show after spending a day with them. 

Oh yeah, and just in case you were wondering, I swear the actors are hotter IRL than they are on TV. And yes. Yes it was hard to contain myself.
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