Whether you’re a current collector of comics, past collector of those pages of artful design or have been hooked by the slew of over the top movies and many series out giving life to great characters across the boards of comic/sci-fi/fantasy…the show ‘Geek-to-Chic’ presented by the Dollface Dames was an event to behold and remember.

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The Dames and Fanboy Comics teamed up to host a unique event at the Magicopolis; the venue that has it all. Located in Santa Monica just a few blocks from the Pier, The Magicopolis houses a magic shop, bar for pre and post show libations tended by magic toting barkeeps and a theater where every seat gives you a great view of the magic on stage.Tonight was no different. The ladies of the Dollface Dames brought life and magic to all of our favorite characters with a burlesque slant that isn’t soon forgotten. The evening began with a mini-con of local writers and publishers of comics. Guests also had the chance to enter a cosplay costume contest to win fantastic prizes and swag.
Geek to Chic
Fanboy Comics, JBSK Comics, John and Matt Yuan (Declan and Chang: Sweet F.A.), Kristopher White (The Thirty Six), and WE Comics were on hand to talk one on one about their future projects and current released issues. As a special treat, there was superhero and wound make-up applications by Melissa Wagner to get the attendees that much more into the spirit of the evening and even get them into their true superhero (or zombie) personas.The performance began with an ensemble performance of Sailor Senshi (warriors). As we know, sent here with the destiny of saving the planet Earth, and then the entire galaxy…but not before getting the night started right.
Geek to Chic
Once begun the show was hosted by Batman superfan Adam Gertler (Food Network’s Kid in a Candy Store, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and Will Work for Food) and the Dames’ Victorian Vamp Vixen DeVille. Their chemistry made the night run energetically with their comic interludes and teasing of the next acts to follow. Not only a host, Brit Vixen Deville took the stage with fire, glass and aeronautics to WOW the audience already under the spell of the other Dames seduction, skill and command.

The evening had interpretations by the sensuous ladies of geekdom by Vixen DeVille (as Lara Croft), Lola Boutée (the Comedic Dominatrix as Betty from Archie Comics), Kitty Kat DeMille (the Brainy Ballerina as Catwoman), Mona Bella (the Wild Child as Wonder Woman), Dixie Mae Rebel (the Dixieland Delight as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones), Eva Eden (the Latina Princess as Poison Ivy), Holiday Sinn (as Harley Quinn) and Roxy Knight (the Coy Coquette as Black Widow), along with guest performances by Olivia Bellafontaine (as Ava Lord from Sin City) and Jessabelle Thunder (as Storm from X-Men).


Even if you missed the night’s show, the Dames perform weekly (below is an insert from their website):

Britannia Burlesque – EVERY MONDAY NIGHT! @Britannia Pub Santa Monica 2013! Full Bar! Food served until 10pm. Get there early for the best seats and enjoy 3 mini shows a night starring your favorite Dames AND special guests. There is a different show each week so make sure to mark your calendars as this is THE Monday night spot. Burlesque 9:30/10:30/11:30pm 318 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90401 NO COVER/ tips appreciated

The evening wrapped with a chance to meet and mingle with the ladies in the show at the bar. Photos were taken, stories were told and a few proposals I’m sure were kindly and graciously declined. The winner of the costume contest came down to attendees dressed as Wonder Woman (DC), the White Queen (X-men) and Rorschach (The Watchman). The red, white and blue won out, with WW taking the top prize, but Rorschach didn’t do too bad receiving a consolatory hug from one of the Dames. Like I said……a night to remember.

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Timothy Barone: Opera singer, Bio-chemist. Writer of the New England column “Uncommon Common Sense” under one of the chief editors of the Bostonian Magazine and book publisher, Keith Botsford.

For more information about The Dollface Dames, please visit www.thedollfacedames.com or the event’s Facebook page. For information about Fanboy Comics, please visit www.fanboycomics.net

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