There was a panel for the new CBS show Moonlight at Comic-Con on Friday. The show is about a reluctant vampire who works as a private investigator. Despite perceived similarities to Angel, the cast and crew were quick to distinguish the show, citing that there aren’t a wide variety of demons present in addition to the vampires in their ‘verse and that the vampires are not affected by garlic, holy water, crucifixes, and can go out in daylight (but it’s unpleasant).

One cheeky audience member wondered what Joss Whedon had to do with the show. “I haven’t cast Joss yet!” producer Joel Silver replied. Another subject brought up during audience questioning was the subject of David Greenwalt’s departure from the show. Silver stated that Greenwalt had to leave for “personal reasons” but had planned the arc of the show and was integral to planning. We’ll see if the finished product still has Greenwalt’s touch when it debuts on CBS September 28th at 9pm.

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