Episode three featured Cheeks and Brady’s surprise that their wedding has made the news. Apparently footage has been shown on TV, creating reaction from a smarmy anchorman played by Fillion, and some commentary by Michael Buckley, famous for his “What the Buck” video blog. Brady insists that they stay “technically married for a while” because he’s a role model, and that they can set an example, which Cheeks is reluctant to do.
Episode four starts immediately after the end of episode three, when Brady decides to propose to Cheeks. While Brady thinks maybe this sudden wedding was meant to be, Cheeks wants to continue his philosophy of making people uncomfortable. However, he’ll let Brady propose if he makes this marriage “worth it”.
You can see these two guys are uncertain about whether they should be a couple, but they’re also worried about public response. This all takes place in a world where same-sex marriage is now legal, and Brady thinks he and Cheeks can show everyone it’s acceptable…and maybe quite similar to traditional marriage. They’re at least willing to give wedded bliss a try. It’s a lot more than what Britney Spears did when she was married for a few hours seven years ago.
We’re still waiting for their friend Haley, played by Alessandra Torresani, to help Brady and Cheeks through wedded bliss. You can see clips of her, plus all four episodes so far at www.husbandstheseries.com
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