caper thumbnailFour young people with super powers who have problems paying the rent decide to go rogue. That was the premise for Geek and Sundry’s first scripted series, Caper. As the weeks went on, the mission evolved, and ended this week with an unexpected result.



It started with Penny (Abby Miller) living with Dagr (Hartley Sawyer), a Viking from another dimension, Luke (Harry Shum Jr.), a guy who is half-alien and Alexia (Beth Riesgraf), an Amazon and thief. They decide to break into a vault at Clarke Industries to get what’s in the vaults. Penny agrees to this only because her dad’s home could be foreclosed by a bank that’s owned by Sam Clarke (Joel Gretsch). Oh, and Clarke is also Penny’s ex-boyfriend, and tried to take credit for her invention, a suit called The Machine.

As the show went on, the gang learned how to be bad through a guy named Psycho (Ricco Ross), and dealt with another villain called Doc English (James Callis), who can influence other people’s minds (and should have been the Clairvoyant on Agents of SHIELD). Penny is also visited by Captain Southpaw (Colin Ferguson) of the East Coast 6. He offers her a job, but she declines. It also turns out he and English were hired by Clarke in an effort to get the suit back.

We also get an episode on how the gang got together, and if you look close, there’s Felicia Day, one of the executive producers, in the background. There’s also good performances by Ferguson, Scott Bakula as Penny’s dad and  Helen Slater, Supergirl herself,  as Luke’s mom.

While it would have been interesting to see super heroes go full-out evil, this show prefers to justify its intentions. These guys caper 3can’t be really bad, just bad enough to still be sympathetic. That’s why Penny insists during their caper that they don’t hurt anyone, or use super powers. That second reason is also based on what’s really in the vault: a red blood diamond called a pelta, made of a very rare mineral. Alexia wants it to make up with her fellow Amazons, Dagr wants it because that was the goal of his quest, and Luke wants it to talk to his alien dad. Alexia admits it’s why she really suggested the caper, but they learn the diamond also negates their powers.  Clarke tells the press he’ll use it to battle back all super-villains, but is it to help people, or be the only super-villain on the block? It looks like it’s rogue heroes vs. rogue business mogul.

The gang does get to the vault in the season finale, although Penny tries to make a deal with Clarke over the Machine. Yes, they do get captured, as was shown in the first episode, but there’s more to this story. Amy Berg and Mike Sizemore came up with a clever way to wrap up the season. It’ll make you cheer for the bad guys, that’s for sure.

It’s too bad there wasn’t more Captain Southpaw, but maybe his East Coast 6 will challenge Penny’s gang next year.

You can see all nine episodes of Caper on YouTube and Hulu

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