This issue is about Clara looking through old stuff from her bedroom that she promised to put away ten months ago. She always put it off because she’d rather play with the Knights of Good, but her husband, Mr. Wiggly, finally puts his foot down and takes away her computer until she cleans up the bedroom.

As she’s looking through her stuff we see some of her past, like her tour of Paris before she was two, her cheerleading career in junior high, and the night she met her husband at the prom.

There’s a brief “B” story that bookends the issue: the daily raid is being held up by Vork’s reading the minutes of the previous administration meeting. He even chides Tink for missing the last meeting because she has a life.

Felicia Day co-wrote the story with Kim Evey (her debut story for the series) while Ron Chan did the drawings. I preferred the variant cover from propmaster Greg Aronowitz over the more common cover from Howard Chaykin and Jesus Aburto. Seeing Clara in that ice throne with her fellow Guildies as ice busts…plus the penguin…was classic.

The final one-shot issue with Zaboo arrives in December.

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